(NationalSentinel) Border Security: National Border Council President Brandon Judd had some blunt words for a Senate panel on Wednesday, but you can bet real money that his words fell on many deaf ears in a chamber rife with open-border advocates and corporations funding their campaigns.

“Had we done our job, that 14-year-old girl would never have been raped,” Judd said in response to a question about a 14 year-old girl at a Maryland public school was raped by an illegal alien who was on their “alien removal” list.

He blamed the Border Patrol’s inability under the recent administration to deport such aliens, CNS News noted.

“Senator, had we done our job, that 14-year-old girl would never have been raped. Period. That’s all there is to it.

“Had we held those individuals in custody, or that one individual in custody pending a determination that this person should be allowed to remain in this country, that rape wouldn’t have happened. We failed the citizens of this great nation by not securing the border.”

He went on to note that half of all illegal aliens breaking into the U.S. are doing so, in part, because of demoralization among Border Patrol agents.

“Not only did we have the catch and release program that completely and totally demoralized the rank and file agents in the border patrol, but we also had an arrest rate of one out of every two. We only had a 50 percent effectiveness rate. That’s a problem,” he said.

“So not only were the individuals that we were actually arresting, not only were we releasing those individuals, but we were only apprehending one out of every two that was crossing the border illegally,” Judd continued.

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“There’s no private company in the United States that can operate and be successful if they have a 50 percent success rate. They would go out of business.”

In additional testimony, Judd said he was 100 percent sure that even a partial wall along the U.S. Southwest border would result in far better border security.

President Donald J. Trump promised to build a wall spanning the entire southwest border. And his administration has already begun the bidding process to build it, though at some point we expect Trump to also deliver on his promise to ensure Mexico pays for it.

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