(NationalSentinel) Tax Reform: With the so-called Republican health care reform measure, the American Health Care Act, potentially scuttled on Friday, the Trump administration has signaled it would be moving on to another major campaign pledge: Tax cuts.

As reported by CNBC, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the administration will attempt to get tax reform done by the August recess:

During an Axios event in Washington, D.C., the Treasury secretary said that President Donald Trump’s objective for tax reform is a tax cut for the middle class, not the top one percent.

Mnuchin said the tax plan will be comprehensive, including both personal and corporate tax reform.

He added that the corporate tax rate “has to be competitive,” and that he believes hedge funds should be taxed.

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Mnuchin added that he believed the health care reform bill actually would pass, but that could be nothing more than wishful thinking at this point, as you wouldn’t expect an administration official to publicly poo-poo a piece of legislation the president is backing.

That said, tax cuts would certainly give the president a needed “win,” so to speak, after it seems as though the Republican leadership sabotaged his healthcare reform effort with a lousy bill.

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