(NationalSentinel) Ransomware: If you’re an iPhone user and you’ve bought one in the past couple of years, this story is for you.

As reported by Activist Post, it seems as though hackers have stolen passwords on at least 300 million Apple accounts, and they are threatening to wipe out the memories in those iPhones next month if the California-based electronics giant doesn’t pay up:

The group, which goes by the name Turkish Crime Family, says Apple has until April 7th to come up with either $75,000 in Bitcoin or $100,000 in iTunes gift cards.

According to Motherboard, the group posted a YouTube video proving they have compromised the credentials of millions of iCloud accounts, which could then be used to wipe an iPhone remotely and potentially lock users out of critical phone features.

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As of this writing, Activist Post noted, Apple doesn’t appear likely to pay up (and why would it, considering it’s employees’ phones are probably just fine – right?).

Anyway, food for thought for iPhone users. Hackread.com notes that the hackers’ story is inconsistent and it’s possible that this is nothing more than a baseless shakedown.

As tech site BGR notes, there is an easy solution iPhone and iCloud users can implement right now to stop any potential attacks on their devices dead in its tracks:

On the off-chance that the hackers are indeed holding access to millions of iCloud accounts, you might consider changing your password to protect your Apple ID.

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