(NationalSentinel) Executive Branch: It became patently obvious even before President-elect Donald J. Trump was officially inaugurated as our 45th president that the outgoing Obama regime was already hard at work doing what it could to vengefully sabotage the new administration.

That work continues today. Obama loyalists within the Deep State continue to work to undermine and disrupt the Trump administration, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon:

Behind the effort, these sources say, are senior government officials who previously worked under President Obama and remain loyal to his agenda. These individuals leak negative information about the Trump White House and its senior staff to a network of former Obama administration officials who then plant this information in key media outlets including the Washington Post and New York Times.

Meanwhile, holdovers from the Obama administration are working to undermine the Trump administration’s agenda through efforts to alter official communications, a number of administration officials confirmed in conversations with the Washington Free Beacon.

Multiple sources expressed concern over what they described as an unprecedented effort by the former administration to subvert President Donald Trump’s team. These sources would only speak on background because they were not officially authorized to publicly discuss the situation, which is said to have fostered a level of discomfort and distrust in the West Wing.

Without question the president and his team have had to fend off negative press coverage stemming from multiple leaks - some from Deep State globalists within the U.S. intelligence community - as they have attempted to get settled and begin the arduous task of enacting the president’s agenda.

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“We have members of the former administration at the highest levels who through their actions after January 20 have demonstrated their refusal to recognize the results of the general election,” one senior administration official told the Free Beacon. “They have pursued, organized, and managed a comprehensive subversion of the new administration.”

The WFB noted an example:

In one instance, Trump administration officials found evidence that the administration’s executive order banning travel from certain Muslim-majority nations had been selectively altered to bring it more in line with Obama-era talking points.

Several hours before the orders were set to be signed by Trump, officials noticed that language concerning “radical Islamic terrorism” had been stripped from the order and replaced with Obama-era language about countering violent extremism.

West Wing staffers quickly scrambled to rewrite the order to bring it back in line with Trump’s rhetoric, sources told the Free Beacon. The alteration of these directives is said to have spooked some senior officials working on the issue.

This kind of blatant subversion will continue until Team Trump has had the opportunity to replace these Deep State bureaucrats and operatives with personnel loyal to the current occupant. That work should begin as quickly as possible and be ongoing.

“They put landmines everywhere,” according to one senior administration official.

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