(NationalSentinel) Presidential Politics/Media: If you relied on polling data to “inform” you about our president’s popularity, you would likely think that Donald J. Trump is the most unpopular chief executive at this early juncture in his presidency ever.

But what of those polls were designed to make you think just that?

Today’s polling data showing Trump’s approval ratings tanking are being conducted by the same firms who were so wrong about the election outcome, as noted by John Crudele at the New York Post:

Trump’s approval rating sucks — according to polls.

These are the same polls that said Hillary Clinton would be in the White House right now. Not only that, but they said Clinton would easily win the presidency.

Even if the polls were now showing Trump’s popularity booming, I’d say the same thing: To hell with the polls.

Pollsters must love these between-election polls because they can report anything and not be proved wrong. It’s when there is an election coming up that they really stick their necks out.

The media, of course, are complicit in the pollsters’ scam. Without the press, the polls would go unnoticed.

One polling firm – Rasmussen Reports, which accurately predicted Trump’s victory – has him with a 47 percent approval rating. But again, polls, schmolls.

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It’s important to remember these negative polls don’t pass the smell test; how does a guy who isn’t supposed to win pull 306 electoral votes, many from that “Democrat Blue Wall” of states that haven’t supported a GOP president in decades?

And while most Americans who could vote did not support Trump, the majority of those who did outside of California were Trump backers.

It’s entirely plausible to believe that the same polling firms that were so utterly certain Hillary Clinton would win are now trying to make you think Trump is the most unpopular president ever. Something to think about the next time you see a poll with high Trump negatives.

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