(NationalSentinel) Political Intrigue: Reasoned conservatives and constitutionalists concluded long ago - when he refused to recommend Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for mishandling classified information after laying out the case for why he should have - that FBI Director James Comey should not be permitted to continue serving the new president, Donald J. Trump.

Now, The Wall Street Journal has laid out another reason why: A vengeful Comey may have just purposely sabotaged the president. As reported by The Daily Caller:

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board claimed that FBI director James Comey “took revenge” on President Trump for claiming Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower by publicly discrediting the claim in his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday.

The editors also argued that Trump “blundered” by keeping Comey on as FBI director after the election.

The suggestion as to Comey’s motives came in a column, which will run in Wednesday’s paper, that hammered Trump for making the unsupported claim.

“He has offered no evidence for his claim, and a parade of intelligence officials, senior Republicans and Democrats have since said they have seen no such evidence,” the editors write.

“Yet the President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle, rolling out his press spokesman to make more dubious claims. Sean Spicer—who doesn’t deserve this treatment—was dispatched last week to repeat an assertion by a Fox News commentator that perhaps the Obama Administration had subcontracted the wiretap to British intelligence,” they continue.

“FBI director James Comey also took revenge on Monday by joining the queue of those saying the bureau has no evidence to back up the wiretap tweet. Mr. Comey even took the unusual step of confirming that the FBI is investigating ties between the Trump election campaign and Russia,” the editors go on to say.

“Mr. Comey said he could make such a public admission only in ‘unusual circumstances,’ but why now? Could the wiretap tweet have made Mr. Comey angry because it implied the FBI was involved in illegal surveillance? Mr. Trump blundered in keeping Mr. Comey in the job after the election, but now the President can’t fire the man leading an investigation into his campaign even if he wants to.”

As we have pointed out, someone is lying about the so-called “wire taps” that Trump accused President Obama of ordering. Comey confirmed during his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee this week that elements of the Trump campaign were, and still are, under counterintelligence investigation, for alleged ties to Mother Russia. That kind of investigation most often requires electronic surveillance (“wire taps”) and a FISA court warrant (paper trail).

Media reports have noted that the FBI indeed got FISA court warrants to conduct electronic surveillance (on a server at Trump Tower - just like the president claimed). CNN here. The Washington Post, reporting that a “broad investigation” into Trump-Russia ties, reported here on “intercepted communications and financial data.” The New York Times here and here – the second report even used the word “wiretap” in the print version of the paper.

Louise Mensch, writing at Heat Street, says a FISA warrant was issued to the FBI; if true, Rep. Schiff, how can Comey legitimately deny it?

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And oh, by the way, reporters Sara Carter and John Solomon, writing at Circa News, say the FBI certainly did obtain a FISA warrant to conduct electronic surveillance (old version: wiretap) of an Internet server at Trump Tower as part of an investigation into illicit Russian activity.

Is it plausible, then, that Comey could have thrown the president under the bus - the same guy who couldn’t find it in his conscience to allow the chips to fall where they may and recommend an obviously guilty Clinton to be prosecuted?

Of course it is.

The WSJ is right; Comey needs to go.

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