(NationalSentinel) Healthcare: The Republican version of healthcare reform has taken a lot of heat - on Capitol Hill and in conservative media - as being far less than what needs to actually happen, which is full repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

But President Donald J. Trump seems convinced that he can get a deal done and get something passed that, if not loved universally among Republicans, at least liked well enough among a majority of them.

As reported by the Washington Examiner:

President Trump predicted Monday night that he would help push the troubled Obamacare repeal bill over the finish line this week, but said Republicans need to come together, and tried to entice them by saying nothing can get done on tax reform until Congress first passes a bill to reform healthcare.

Speaking at a rally in Kentucky, Trump said he was ready to work with Republican leaders who support the bill, but also lawmakers like Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. Paul opposes the bill, but Trump said he likes Paul “a lot.”

“And I look forward to working with him so we can get this bill passed, in some form, so that we can pass massive tax reform, which we can’t do until this happens,” Trump said.

“So we gotta get this done before we can do the other,” he explained. “In other words, we have to know what this is before we can do the big tax cuts. We gotta get it done for a lot of reasons, but that’s one of them.”

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The big fears among the GOP are 1) that the current bill doesn’t go far enough in repealing Obamacare; and 2) because of that, they will be saddled with healthcare “reform” that doesn’t address the pitfalls of Obamacare, like rising premiums and insurance plans with high deductibles that are essentially useless.

That said, it’s hard to imagine that the president and GOP leaders aren’t aware of the implications of getting this wrong. Time will tell, but Americans clearly don’t like the healthcare system bequeathed to them by Democrats and President Obama.

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