(NationalSentinel) Defense: The U.S. Army has a message for Russia: Should it come to war, it will take far less time for American combat brigades to deploy than it used to.

As reported by Breaking Defense, the port-to-battlefield time for deploying a brigade used to be 40 days; now, the Army has it down to under 10:

Determined to deter the rising Russian threat, the US Army is slashing the time it takes for a brigade to get ready for battle once it’s arrived in Europe, from over 40 days to under 10. Normally unloading equipment, getting organized, and moving to the front takes more than 40 days, Maj. Gen. Duane Gamble told reporters at the Association of the US Army conference [in Huntsville, Ala]. But thanks to meticulous planning and frantic execution — “it was a dead sprint the whole way” — in January, Gamble’s 21st Theater Sustainment Command helped an armored brigade do it in 14. They aim to do the next in nine.

That’s a dramatic improvement in a difficult feat. Imagine how hard it is to take your entire family on a road trip, only there are 4,000 of you, you’re driving tanks, and your luggage is full of explosives. But it’s important to put this acceleration in the larger, alarming strategic context…

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Now, the reduced offload-and-deployment time does not take into account the time it takes to actually sail equipment from the U.S. to Europe. But to alleviate some of that delay the Army has already pre-positioned armor and other equipment in Europe – enough for a brigade right now, but enough for an entire division by 2021.With heavy equipment already in Europe, flying troops in to man it will take less than 24 hours.

Moving additional troops and equipment by ship would be risky in a shooting war, Pentagon planners note. They expect that Russia would likely contest the Atlantic, to prevent Europe from being reinforced.

That’s why it’s vitally important to get as much gear into Europe beforehand, then speed up the process of deploying it.

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