(NationalSentinel) Politics: Respected columnist Peggy Noonan, writing in The Wall Street Journal on Friday, suggested that President Donald J. Trump (and, to a lesser degree, Republican leaders) “reach across the aisle” in an attempt to bring Democrats on board with the passage of key GOP agenda items, beginning with a repeal-and-replace plan for Obamacare.

In addition, Noonan took Trump and Republicans to task for (gasp!) daring to propose a budget that actually cut huge portions of federal spending – something that Republicans have been promising to do for decades and something Trump ran on as a candidate.

All the emphasis seems to be on cutting. We will cut CPB, NPR, NEA. 

Why aren’t we talking about growing and building and knocking down barriers? Why aren’t we talking about jobs and a boom and reforming regulation and taxes so people can build and invest?

Is cutting the absolute No. 1 priority right now? In a country that is, in Pope Francis’ famous characterization of the modern world, “a field hospital after battle”? Is that what the Republican party wants to lead with? Why isn’t the priority unleashing, getting past limits, pushing toward dynamism and expansion?

How about a little prudence and patience? The priorities should be jobs, growth, social cohesion and an atmosphere, in Washington, of constructiveness. We don’t need any new culture wars—we’ve got enough, thanks! Is the worst thing that could happen in the world right now that a kid from New Jersey can come into Manhattan and see an off-Broadway show seeded with a $30,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts? No, that’s not the worst thing that could happen! 

The worst that could happen is that Congress is so exhausted as an institution, everyone’s ideologies so played out, that they’re all just playing a part, going through the motions, mindlessly replicating past battles in hope of some new reward.

Really, this week, that’s how it looks to me.

Well, that may be Ms. Noonan’s view of how this week has gone – she’s no doubt sincere in her criticism – but to say that’s really what’s gone on is a bit of a stretch. The president has been doing good things, including submitting his first budget and working on details of health care reform, even though the media has not reported fairly or accurately on any of it. They’re too busy focusing on Trump’s allegation that the Obama administration had him “wire tapped,” which he promises to reveal more details about in a couple weeks.

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But the most troubling aspect of Noonan’s “advice” is for the president to reach across the aisle to Democrats – as though somehow members of that party have changed their political goal of trashing Trump’s presidency in any way, shape and form possible, and at every juncture.

As astute as Noonan is, she seems completely tone deaf in making such a suggestion. Because as she should recall, when it came time to pass Obamacare in the first place, the Democrats could not have cared less if the Republicans were on board or not; in fact, the got most of the legislation through without any GOP support whatsoever.

Democrats, who had won control of the Legislative and Executive Branches, came together to push their own agenda. And now that Republicans are in control, she wants bipartisanship?

Frankly, that’s just dumb. What’s more, it’s not possible. The Democrats have already announced they would be the Opposition Party. They will work with their ideological soulmates in the Washington establishment press to thwart Trump and the GOP early and often.

The budget needs to be cut. Obamacare repeal-and-replace needs to happen. These things need to happen in order for job and opportunity growth to occur, along with other Trump priorities like reducing corporate taxes and slashing regulations.

These things need to happen and will happen if the GOP pushes its agenda without regard to what opposition Democrats think, say or do. They won’t happen if Republicans and President Trump waste time “reaching across the aisle” in some pathetic, pointless attempt to win “bipartisanship.”

For Noonan to even suggest such a thing is just mind-numbingly absent-minded.

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