By J. D. Heyes

(NationalSentinel) Political Espionage: The story surrounding President Donald J. Trump’s allegations that the previous administration had him “wiretapped” at Trump Tower is changing faster than the liars involved in the narrative can keep up. Let’s see if I can help clear up a few things, or at a minimum, put some folks on the hot seat with some observations and documentation that conflict badly with the new narrative were hearing today.

Earlier, the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sens. Richard Burr and Mark Warner, respectively, as well as House Speaker Paul Ryan, all said that thus far, they’ve “seen no evidence” that the president, as the GOP nominee, was under electronic surveillance (“wiretap”) at Trump Tower.

CNN noted:

The speaker of the House, the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman and the ranking Democrat on the committee said Thursday that they’ve seen no evidence of President Donald Trump’s accusation that he was wiretapped last year by his predecessor. 

Senate Intelligence Committee chair Richard Burr and ranking member Mark Warner issued a statement Thursday, saying “based on the information available to us, we see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the United States government either before or after Election Day 2016.”

The statement from the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee marks the clearest and strongest refutation of Trump’s allegations since the President first made them two weeks ago. The senators statement also addresses Trump’s more recent statement that he was not merely speaking about wiretapping specifically.

“The intelligence committees, in their continuing, widening, ongoing investigations of all things Russia, got to the bottom — at least so far with respect to our intelligence community — that no such wiretap existed,” Ryan said in response to a question from CNN at a news conference.

“Because there’s no evidence of this at all,” Schiff told CNN, in explaining that he believes FBI Director James Comey will say the same thing when he testifies before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday.

Well, gee whiz, boys. How to answer that.

I know. Flat out - someone is lying his you-know-what off.

Because here’s the thing: Either these guys are right and the president is wrong, or CNN, the Washington Post, and The New York Times really are fake news outlets, since each of them have, at one time or another, reported on intelligence regarding Trump and his inner circle that could only have come from surveillance intelligence.

CNN here. The Washington Post, reporting that a “broad investigation” into Trump-Russia ties, reported here on “intercepted communications and financial data.” The New York Times here and here - the second report even used the word “wiretap” in the print version of the paper.

Now, information contained in these and other reports by the same outlets could only have been obtained by Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court-ordered warrant (if done properly and legally). Was there a FISA warrant issued?

Louise Mensch, writing at Heat Street, says a FISA warrant was issued to the FBI; if true, Rep. Schiff, how can Comey legitimately deny it?

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And oh, by the way, reporters Sara Carter and John Solomon, writing at Circa News, say the FBI certainly did obtain a FISA warrant to conduct electronic surveillance (old version: wiretap) of an Internet server at Trump Tower as part of an investigation into illicit Russian activity.

There is another option that is only now being discussed - one that wouldn’t leave a paper trail like a FISA warrant.

As we reported March 5, former Bush administration attorney general, Michael Mukasey, said Trump probably was under surveillance, as part of a foreign surveillance operation (Russian officials?), but that it was likely ordered by Attorney General Loretta Lynch. How’s that possible?

The Hill reported March 11 that Team Trump could have been caught up in “backdoor” surveillance that can be ordered by the attorney general without a warrant, under authority contained in a Reagan-era executive order, 12333 (a.k.a. “twelve triple three” in intel parlance):

Under the order’s signals intelligence procedures, the attorney general can authorize searches of communications to or from an American for the purposes of targeting that American — again, as long as the attorney general determines that person is an agent of a foreign power.

And under some changes made to the executive order in the waning days of the Obama administration — which had been in the works for the better part of a year — the National Security Agency (NSA) now uploads the stream of intercepted intelligence directly to searchable repository that other intelligence agencies can sift through.

And leak. Mind you, this intelligence is “raw” - it hasn’t been attributed to any illicit activity. It’s just out there now for anyone to pick up and feed to the discredited mainstream media on any context they wish.

So, what happened, gentlemen of Congress? We have newspaper and media reports containing information that can only be gleaned by some form of electronic surveillance, which could have only been done by the intelligence community; we have reports that said there was a FISA warrant issued; we have statements by you and others in the intelligence community that refute those claims. There is even a report (by me) opining that Obama may have gone around all of his intelligence apparatus and used the “Five Eyes” agreement to get data on Team Trump from one of the intelligence services of one of the other four countries that are party to the agreement.

Something happened. Either that or CNN, the Washington Post, and The New York Times are the lying liars we’ve suspected they were all along. Or propaganda organs of the Deep State.

Which is it?

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