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Survey: Congress now most-liked in a decade

They still have a ways to go, but things are definitely looking up

(NationalSentinelLegislative Branch: While federal lawmakers still may not be the most popular people in the country, collectively more Americans like the current Congress more today than they ever did during the Obama years, according to a new survey by Rasmussen Reports.

In fact, Congress is more popular today than at any time since 2007:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 25% of Likely U.S. Voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job. That’s up significantly from 11% in July  and the most confidence voters have shown in Congress since 2007. 

Just 49% now think Congress is doing a poor job, down from 57% in July and the lowest level of pessimism since March 2011. 

Prior to this survey, the number who gave Congress positive marks hadn’t broken the 20% mark since May of 2009. 

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When the last new Republican-led Congress arrived in January of 2015, positive reviews inched up to double digits for the first time in over two years and hit a recent high of 16% the following month. The percentage of voters giving the legislators poor marks dropped into the 50s during the early months of 2015 after generally running in the 60s and 70s since mid-2011.

Democrats might want to take a look at these findings and adjust their political strategies accordingly, lest they remain congressional outcasts. We aren’t holding our breath, however.

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