#MAGA: Job participation rate rising as construction starts gain most in a decade

(NationalSentinel) Economy: #Nevertrumpers are loathe to admit that the first billionaire real estate mogul president has had anything at all to do with the meteoric rise of employment, the stock market and job opportunities since even before he took office Jan. 20. But the anecdotal evidence continues to pile up despite their best efforts to downplay it.

As reported by CNS News:

A record 152,528,000 Americans were employed in February, 447,000 more than in January, and the labor force participation rate went up, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday.

Sixty-three percent of Americans either held a job or actively looked for one in February, the highest participation rate in ten months.

The number Americans not in the labor force continued to drop, to 94,190,000 in February, 176,000 fewer than in January and well below the record of 95,102,000 set in December 2016. (RELATED: Trump Bump: Job growth already booming as the president moves beyond distractions to the business of governing)

Also encouraging: President Donald J. Trump’s first full month in office saw the economy add about 235,000, or about 100,000 more than economists had forecast, according to Bureau of Labor Department statistics.

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There’s more good news in employment. Reuters reports:

Nonfarm payrolls increased by 235,000 jobs last month as the construction sector recorded its largest gain in nearly 10 years due to unseasonably warm weather, the Labor Department said on Friday. 

Now granted, it has been “unseasonably warm” in many parts of the country, but the fact is, these gains were going to come anyway, since expansion is based on market forces like demand, not the weather.

What’s also going to be exposed in the months and years ahead, at this rate, is that the tepid job “growth” under President Obama - years’ worth of growth in the range of 180,000 or so jobs a month - was really no growth at all. Obama never achieved 3 percent growth in a single quarter during his presidency; for our economy to thrive and truly grow, rates in the range of 4-5 percent are needed.

Trump has a ways to go before we start anointing him chief job creator of all time, but the evidence thus far is clear: There has certainly been a “Trump effect” on our economy, which has largely been positive, and the trends are those positives will continue.

Who knew it would take a legitimate billionaire businessman to grow the U.S. economy?

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