(NationalSentinel) Education: The Left-wing PC police have struck again, this time in suspending four Michigan high school students for daring to do what the other students were doing the same day, only they took a different political perspective.

As reported by Lifezette, the Grand Rapids High School students were suspended by administration after they displayed signs that read “Trump,” “Trump Train,” and “Build the Wall” in front of a pro-immigrant banner that read, “Immigrants are a blessing, not a burden.”

That, of course, depends on your perspective and whether or not you are personally financially or otherwise ‘burdened’ by immigrants – by we digress. The point is, one form of political speech was permitted and, of course, the other not permitted.

“To be clear, the students were not disciplined because of having expressed their political viewpoint,” Grand Rapids Christian School Superintendent Thomas DeJonge said in a statement sent to local news. “Rather, they were disciplined because of the disruption they caused and disrespect they demonstrated toward fellow students and staff.”

“The boys did not create havoc by doing what they did,” DeJonge continued. “It was what was following where there became a disruption and aggression and disrespect to students and to staff and faculty.”

Oh, right. Pro-immigrant, as per the Left, is not disruptive or disrespectful, say, to the four boys (and any other students who may have agreed with them); it’s only disrespectful when President Trump is brought into the equation.

Got it.

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The four boys have a different story. They say they  were the ones who were threatened with violence and ‘disruption’ by about 50 other students.

They “were simply trying to support the president of the United States,” one parent told local television station WZZM13, Lifezette reported.

“Of course they’re going to be attacked,” Karen Machiorlatti, one of those protesting the school’s decision, told LifeZette. “This filters down to young children. They think it’s their right to attack conservatives — they’ve been told for eight years it is their right.”

She isn’t taking this latest assault against her children, free speech and the president lying down.

“We’re carving out an hour to stand in solidarity with those students. We have to show them that they’re not alone… we all know it was politically motivated,”she said.

“We have to get out there and support them,” Machiorlatti continued. “If you don’t stand up now, you’ll never have the right to stand up.”

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