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Peter Schweizer: Yes, Deep State is real and is a ‘threat’ to the ‘republic’

Continue to drain the swamp, Mr. President

(NationalSentinel)  Executive Branch: In an interview Tuesday evening with Fox Business News‘ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash,” said not only is the Deep State real, as it exists it is a threat to our republican form of government.

“Well, let me tell you, I would recommend everybody go out and get an academic book published last year called ‘What Washington Gets Wrong,’ and it’s two scholars from Johns Hopkins University who do a massive survey of senior unelected executives in government, basically the deep state, and asks them a bunch of questions,” he said. “And as the authors describe the deep state has contemptuous attitudes towards the average American.”

Continuing, Schweizer said that there is a major “disconnect” between the Deep State careerists and the American people who pay their salaries and support their lifestyles.

“They think they’re far less educated than they actually are,” he said. “They think they are far more dependent than they actually are. They’re arrogant, they believe, and say in the surveys if the American people want one thing, and they think it’s wrong, they’re going to push something else. There’s a massive disconnect, and the deep state is real, and it’s a threat to our republic form of government.” (RELATED: Sessions ‘Russia controversy’ is completely contrived by the Deep State as latest attempt to delegitimize Trump)

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The existence of said Deep State has been on full display since President Donald J. Trump won the Nov. 8 election. His inner circle of advisors and Cabinet officials have been under constant assault by faceless careerists within the massive federal bureaucracy that is supposed to be in the employ of the Executive Branch.

That these bureaucrats are openly warring with their boss, the president, is telling on many accounts. First, it shows a level of arrogance rarely displayed in public; secondly, the displays of arrogant dismissiveness of Trump’s agenda shows just how powerful the federal bureaucracy - the Deep State - has become.

Drain the swamp, Mr. President. Drain it.

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