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Hypocrite Franken opposes school choice - except for HIS kids

Hypocrisy seems to be a defining characteristic to be a member of the Democratic Party

(NationalSentinelEducation: Count Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., as the latest member of his party to exhibit utter hypocrisy and elitism over the issue of school choice.

As reported by, Franken was very critical of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos during her confirmation hearing, claiming that the school-choice advocate never sent her children to public schools and had never gone to one herself.

In what was a contentious confirmation battle, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) became the talk of the media with his attacks on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

During the confirmation hearing for DeVos, Franken attempted to associate DeVos with conversion therapy based on the donations made to Christian organizations by relatives of DeVos.

After DeVos was confirmed, Franken continued on the attack calling her “fundamentally unqualified to lead the Education Department.”

One of Franken’s leading concerns with DeVos is her stance on school choice. During a speech in March 2015 DeVos said a child should not be forced to go to a school based on their family’s income or zip code.

“Let the education dollars follow each child, instead of forcing the child to follow the dollars. This is pretty straightforward. And it’s how you go from a closed system to an open system that encourages innovation. People deserve choices and options,” DeVos said.

Franked assailed that:

“In reality, most school vouchers don’t cover the full cost of private school tuition.  Nor do they cover additional expenses like transportation, school uniforms, and other supplies.  Which means the vouchers don’t create more choices for low-income families.  They simply subsidize existing choices for families who could already afford to pay for private school.”

But wait - where did Franken, a math and science whiz as a youngster, go to school? reports that his parents wound up sending him to Blake, one of the most exclusive private schools in the Minneapolis area, where the tuition for upperclassmen is currently $29,025 per year.

And his children? They attended The Dalton School in New York City where tuition is $44,640 per year. “Dalton is known for educating celebrities and children of royalty,” reported.

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Franked’s obvious double-standard hypocrisy was not lost on one Indiana mom who took him to task in a letter that is going viral.

Cheryl Kirk, who is black, said: “You basically took it upon yourself to condemn Indiana’s school choice program on a national stage. But I live in Indiana. I’m a mom. And I’ve exercised school choice in Indiana. And I must say, you got a lot wrong, Senator. You should really speak to your staff about that.

She continued:

Would you, Mr. Franken, put your child in a school with a D or F rating? Would you expect your friends or Senate colleagues to put their children in a school with a D or F rating?

We all know the answer, sir, because your children attended a school that costs more than $40,000 per year, a school known for educating celebrities and the children of royalty. Literally, people who wear crowns on their heads.


If only hypocrisy shamed a Democrat. But alas, they seem immune to it, and of course, the discredited establishment media never holds them accountable, either.

But that’s why we’re here.

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