By J. D. Heyes

(NationalSentinel) Defense: The continual barrage of phony allegations and fake charges leveled at Team Trump by the Deep State and its allies in the discredited Washington establishment media are frankly putting the country at risk.

By keeping the president and his team pinned down, the White House has less energy and time to focus on real problems that are brewing around the world – North Korea chief among them.

For some reason the Hermit Kingdom is pining for war – with the U.S. and South Korea, a war it cannot possibly hope to win – as it ramps up testing of its ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. Pyongyang’s eventual goal is to develop nuclear-tipped ICBMs that can reach all of Europe and the U.S. mainland, though surely even the inbred rodent who runs North Korea understands that not even China will intervene on its behalf if he launches a nuclear attack on someone.

Well, the time may be drawing near when the president is ready to make good on a campaign pledge – namely, not to allow Pyongyang to develop such capabilities. In fact, according to The Associated Press, President Trump may be ready to order U.S. forces in the region to shoot down any new missile tests:

An administration official told The Associated Press Monday that tougher sanctions, military action and resumption of long-stalled negotiations with North Korea are all under consideration as part of a policy review to provide options for the president within weeks.

The official, who demanded anonymity to discuss the private deliberations, did not anticipate an immediate U.S. response to the North’s test-firing of four banned ballistic missiles Monday that South Korean and Japanese officials said flew about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles).

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But that doesn’t mean “a response” isn’t coming; Trump criticized President Obama relentlessly for what he said was ‘telegraphing’ U.S. military strategies and responses to our enemies:

Over the seven weeks of last year’s exercises, North Korea conducted nine missile tests, including of submarine-based and intermediate range missiles, but never more than two missiles at once. Five of the tests failed.

Cha said that Trump’s hand could be forced by North Korea’s provocative actions. The Obama administration relied heavily on sanctions, but the moves failed to stop Pyongyang.

“…[T]he tests naturally will increase political pressure on Trump to take a tough stand,” said Mark Fitzpatrick at the International Institute for Strategic Studies think tank. “He has a political imperative to show attention to the North Korean security threat, so as to counter the impression of a White House in disarray.”

And there is this: CNN is reporting that the U.S. Army’s THAAD missile defense system has just arrived in South Korea, which is designed to shoot down short- and medium-ranged ballistic missiles.

At some point during his first term, Trump is likely to be tested by a range of adversaries. He’s surrounded himself in his inner circle with smart national security folks who know their business. That bodes well for our side.

But as the AP noted further, Trump is being distracted daily from these threats:

Upheaval in the administration has added to uncertainty in foreign capitals about how Trump’s “America First” mantra will translate into foreign policy, and how a new president with no prior experience in government might handle a security crisis.

The sooner Trump takes out the Left-wing careerist trash within his national security and foreign policy bureaucracy, the safer Americans will be.

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