By J. D. Heyes

(NationalSentinel) Media: It was no doubt sweet bliss to the dishonest Democratic Party hacks who pose as Washington’s media: The site of President Donald J. Trump, caught by a spying CNN camera, raging at this inner circle staff over the various leaks, legislative setbacks and other distractions that have him and Republicans in Congress playing defense instead of offense, after winning all the marbles Nov. 8.

Without a doubt, Trump’s first weeks in office have been marred with bogus reports about Russian collusion to help him defeat Hillary Clinton, resignations by top staffers, decisions to recuse and, most recently, the president’s charges - based on ample open-source reporting - that his predecessor spied on him in Trump Tower.

But let’s be clear about one thing: The lousy, awful, completely compromised establishment media has created the narrative of a chaotic White House out of whole cloth. Because other that this one example of Trump displaying anger at his team, without knowing the context of the anger, there is no other evidence to suggest that something is going on inside the White House that has not occurred in other administrations undergoing growing pains.

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Keep in mind that in those instances, presidents did not have the media constantly publishing fake news, unsubstantiated claims, bogus reports and other content designed specifically to help the Deep State keep Trump off-balance, undermine him and destroy his presidency, literally.

Because no matter which side of the political aisle you align with, having faceless careerists and their allies in Congress and the media purposefully subvert a sitting, duly-elected president is what really ought to scare us (I’m looking at you Mika).

It’s understandable for Trump to be agitated. He’s got plenty of reason to be. And we cannot know (yet) the reasons why he was taking his anger out on his inner circle. But it’s very, very clear there is an operation in full swing to take him out, by hook or by crook, and maybe he’s just now realizing the degree of threat he truly faces.

I don’t think the country completely gets it, though. I’m not sure enough Americans really, truly understand that, yes, there is a threat to our survival right now as a republic, but it’s not coming from President Trump.

It’s coming from those who are undermining him. That includes the dishonest Washington establishment media.

I mean, it’s gotten so bad that now, outlets are beginning to undermine their own reporting on this Obama-Trump “spy gate” episode. And former spooks are trying to convince us that what we’ve read for months regarding the Obama administration’s investigations into the alleged Trump-Russia ties…didn’t happen. That we’re not supposed to believe a damned thing we’ve seen prior to today on the subject in The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, etc.

The so-called “mainstream media” has completely lost any remaining credibility it had left. But that hasn’t stopped it from helping to craft the illusion that Trump’s White House has been “chaotic” or that he’s “losing it” - which has been a subplot in effort to undermine him and get rid of him all along.

So when you hear new reports of a ‘chaotic White House,’ you should definitely consider the sources before you ever believe them.

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