(NationalSentinel) As the Washington political and media establishment continue to gnash their teeth while plotting and scheming how best to get rid of President Donald J. Trump and his inner circle, his government is quietly beginning to move his agenda forward.

Trump offered full-throated support for the Second Amendment during his campaign, and his newly installed Interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, is helping him implement gun-friendly policies. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

The Trump administration on Thursday reversed a gun regulation that was implemented on the very last day of the Obama administration.

Newly sworn-in Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke withdrew an order banning the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on certain federal lands issued by the previous head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Jan. 19, 2017.

“It’s time to put ammunition back where it belongs; in the hands of hunters,” Zinke said in a release.

The order had come under criticism from gun groups for its sweeping impact, speedy implementation, and lack of input from industry groups and hunters.

“This was a reckless, unilateral overreach that would have devastated the sportsmen’s community,” Chris Cox, head of the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm, said in a statement. “The Obama administration failed to consult with state fish and wildlife agencies or national angling and hunting organizations in issuing this order. This was not a decision based on sound scientific evidence—it was a last second attack on traditional ammunition and our hunting heritage.”

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More from the WFB:

Former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service director Dan Ashe issued the directive banning lead ammunition because, he maintained, the widely used ammunition is dangerous to animals. “Exposure to lead ammunition and fishing tackle has resulted in harmful effects to fish and wildlife species,” he said in the order.

Right. So after a century, suddenly the Obama administration – which continually stumped for more, not fewer, policies regulating the use of firearms – found a biohazard that had not existed before.

Either way, it doesn’t matter now: The Obama order has been rescinded, now that Trump has put a responsible adult with sound policy chops who cares more about the taxpayers supporting his agency than the anti-gun zealots who care nothing about the Constitution.

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