(NationalSentinel) Intelligence: Former campaign manager for then-GOP nominee Donald J. Trump, Corey Lewandowski, says that the Obama regime put a sitting U.S. senator, Jeff Sessions, under surveillance in his office, meaning there is no telling what other conversations the former administration spied on.

“What we’ve seen from the previous administration is that they did spend time listening to conversations between then Senator Jeff Sessions and the ambassador to Russia while he was in his US Senate office. If that were to take place which supposedly did take place, what other conversations did they listen in on?” he told Fox News host Judge Jeanine on Saturday, The Gateway Pundit reported.

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“Whoa, you’re saying they were listening to conversations between then Senator Sessions and the Russian Ambassador Kislyak or are you talking about Mike Flynn and Kislyak?” she responded.

“No, I’m talking about Jeff Sessions,” he responded.

Watch the interview here:

These surveillance actions and resultant disclosure (leaks) of said surveillance by the Obama administration against U.S. citizens is the modern-day equivalent of the Nixon Watergate scandal.

Remember when Democrats were howling in protest after discovering that President Bush authorized the NSA to spy on everyone?

People should be arrested, charged and put on trial, and that includes a now-seditious ex-president.

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