(NationalSentinel) Violence: Left-wing activists used pepper spray and fireworks to attack a group of Trump supporters after what began as a peaceful march in support of the president on the University of California-Berkeley campus.

As reported by Lifezette, the violence quickly escalated and it took police in riot gear to finally disperse the crowd:

The Berkeley march, one of several “March 4 Trump” rallies that occurred across the nation Saturday, concluded with at least 10 arrests and several injuries as supporters of Trump scuffled with the counter-protesters. It ultimately took a group of police officers clad in riot gear to squelch the violence.

“The American dream is all but dead,” Trump supporter Mike Bee said, a local NBC News outlet reported. “We are here to protect it.”

People wearing motorcycle helmets, goggles, gas masks and bandanas punched, hit and pepper sprayed the Trump backers. They also set off smoke bombs and fireworks, NBC News reported. American flags and red caps bearing Trump’s motto, “Make America Great Again,” were burned at the scene. As Trump supporters chanted, “Build the wall,” anti-Trumpers countered with “No Donald Trump, no KKK, no racist, fascist USA.”

What cowards.


Without question, the Left in America today is the reincarnation of Hitler’s Brown Shirts, who used violence and intimidation to squelch political opposition. So it’s ironic that Trump supporters, who are merely trying to practice their First Amendment rights, are the ones accused of being the fascists.

If the so-called “mainstream media” was honest, they’d report it that way. We don’t recommend holding your breath waiting for that to happen, though.

This is domestic terrorism. At the very least, it’s a major violation of civil rights. Mr. President, your supporters are not only suffering on your behalf, they are being denied their constitutional rights to stand up for you; when will you meet these attacks with appropriate federal charges?

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