(NationalSentinel) GOP Congress: Note to Republican lawmakers ‘nervous’ over these new accusations against Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding his Russian contacts: Please stop helping Democrats destroy the people’s president.

For any Republican lawmaker who seriously thought that the Deep State and Team Obama were just going to allow President Donald J. Trump and his administration come in and dismantle everything the first communist president tried to accomplish, you’re beyond naive. This latest assault against one of the most decent politicians serving today - and for some of you, a former colleague - is nothing more than the latest attempt to delegitimize a duly-elected president and, frankly, what is happening to Trump and his team is unprecedented in modern history.

The Democrats have nothing else going for them except creating the illusion of political scandal and corruption within an administration that is barely a month old after having lost election after election after election, beginning in 2010. Their loses are actually due to their last president, whose Marxist Left agenda simply does not play in the vast majority of ZIP codes, and the proof is in the fact that Democrats have lost more than 1,000 seats nationwide in the Era of Obama.

As for the Deep State, it’s been clear since Trump’s inauguration - when he laid out his vision of devolving power from Washington back to the states and the people - that he was a threat to a status quo that has enriched and empowered ‘the establishment’ for decades. His first address to a joint session of Congress this week reinforced his vision and their fears that he is a much more formidable political force than they anticipated.

To join with scheming Democrats in their battle to undermine him is at once unconscionable and wholly unnecessary. Can you even remember the last time Democrats turned on one of their own, even when it was obvious a Democrat had done something wrong (Hillary Clinton’s entire tenure with Obama comes to mind)?

You can’t because it hasn’t happened. And it’s not going to happen. No matter what a Democratic congressman, senator, administration official or president does, they are not going to be held accountable, either by each other or the discredited ‘mainstream’ media.

If any GOP lawmaker is already getting squeamish about these politically motivated, unjustified and unsubstantiated allegations against Sessions, what are you going to do when Democrats and the Deep State target the next Trump official? And the next? What about when they target Trump himself?

You ought to know by now that Trump’s supporters are going to hang with him through thick and thin. They don’t buy the BS and they’re not dissuaded by innuendo, unhinged protests, unsubstantiated allegations and rumors, and name-calling. If Trump supporters are onto Democrats, why do you waiver? What are your motivations?

It’s clear that some RINOs are on the same side as establishment Democrats in that they, too, want to see Trump fail. Let’s hope voters in their districts and states make them pay for that, politically, the next election cycle.

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But for you other members of the GOP who truly have embraced the president’s vision of Making America Great Again through deregulation of industries, dismantling of the massive federal bureaucracy, revitalization of federalism, tax reform and the sacking of Obamacare, among others, every time you lose your nerve and side with the opposition, you weaken Trump and you impede his agenda, whether you want to or not.

So stop it.

For once buck up, grow a spine and dismiss these political assaults as garbage, because they are nothing more than the tactics of a desperate, regionalized political party.

You were largely on the premise of enacting the very same policies Trump campaigned on. Help him do it.

If you must take a lesson from Democrats, take this one: Whenever they are attacked, they gel into a cohesive group to protect and defend each other, even when such defenses are, well, indefensible. In this case, as in the general allegation that ‘Russia hacked the election to help Trump steal the election from Clinton,’ there is no evidence that Sessions or anyone else did anything wrong.

Obama himself has even said so.

This entire Russia narrative is false, phony, fake, not real. It was devised as a way of assuaging the Democratic Party’s base of voters to help “explain” how it was that their candidate could actually lose to a reality TV billionaire real estate mogul, and to undermine everything Trump tries to do.

If anyone in Washington should know and understand this it’s Republicans, who have long been the Outcast Party in the nation’s capital, but virtually nowhere else in the country.

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