(NationalSentinel) Controversy: The White House, in a letter to the government’s ethics watchdog, said presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway was not attempting to purposely promote Trump daughter Ivanka’s brand when she defended her during an interview in February.

Rather, the administration said in its letter to the Office of Government Ethics, her promotion of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line was done “inadvertently” and “without nefarious motive,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“Upon completion of our inquiry, we concluded that Ms. Conway acted inadvertently and is highly unlikely to do so again,” Stefan C. Passantino, a White House deputy counsel for compliance and ethics, wrote in the letter to the watchdog. “It is noted that Ms. Conway made the statement in question in a light, off-hand manner while attempting to stand up for a person she believed had been unfairly treated and did so without nefarious motive or intent to benefit personally.”

The Washington Examiner noted further:

Conway had suggested during a Feb. 9 interview with Fox News that critics of Ivanka Trump should buy products from the first daughter’s fashion line, which Nordstrom’s had recently pulled from its shelves amid pressure from protest groups. Democrats quickly seized on Conway’s comments as evidence of the conflicts of interest created by the Trump family’s sprawling business interests, and the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee even agreed that an ethics review of the dust-up was necessary.

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Conway had been “counseled” shortly after what she had described as the “free commercial” for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, and Passantino’s letter to the Office of Government Ethics confirmed that staff had reviewed ethics standards with Conway following her controversial statements.

So in other words, the White House deputy counsel has made official what everyone with a double-digit IQ knew the moment Conway spoke: She was defending the president’s daughter.

Conway has often been the focus of the discredited Washington establishment media - like yesterday, when she dared to take up a position on an Oval Office couch to get better pictures of a meeting between the president and several academic leaders of historically black colleges. These same press hacks who were “outraged” by never seemed to care when former President Obama put his feet on just about every piece of furniture in the Oval Office.

The Left’s perpetual anger and faux outrage at everything that Trump and his people do is already wearing thin on most Americans. But of course, the Beltway media is tone-deaf to the real concerns of average folks.

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