(NationalSentinel) Many analysts pondered whether President Donald Trump’s enforcement of immigration law would have an effect on how many would “self-deport” - that is, voluntarily leave the U.S. on their own. While that may be occurring as well, a new analysis has found that the number of people trying to get in has dropped off considerably since the president was inaugurated.

As reported by the Washington Times, though illegal crossings last month were still high - marking the worst January since 2012 - there was nevertheless a 27 percent decline overall in crossings, which is substantial:

Illegal immigration across the southwest border plummeted in January, compared to December, as the flow of both illegal immigrant families and children traveling alone dried up, according to numbers released by Customs and Border Protection on Monday.


[T]otal apprehensions of migrants trying to sneak across the border fell 27 percent on a month-to-month basis, to 31,575. And the number of inadmissible migrants who showed up at the southwest’s ports of entry fell 28 percent, to 10,899.

Apprehensions are deemed an indicator of the overall flow: The more people caught, the more are believed to be getting through.

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Numbers tend to fall historically through the deep winter months anyway, picking back in in the spring as the U.S. harvest season begins. But the figures thus far indicated that Trump’s simple enforcement of existing immigration law is already having an effect.

The president’s enforcement efforts are beginning to show up in other ways as well. The Daily Signal reported that in Prince William County, Virginia, a carefully crafted immigration enforcement approach in which local police partner with federal immigration authorities has resulted in a 27 percent decrease in serious crimes including aggravated assault.

The policy was originally passed by county supervisors in 2007 and implemented in July 2008, under the guise of a federal program implemented by the Bush administration which saw encouraged local police departments to help federal authorities enforce immigration law.

President Obama suspended the “287(g) program, citing investigations and court rulings that found local officers in some jurisdictions had engaged in racial profiling when enforcing immigration law,” The Daily Signal noted. But it has been revised under the Trump administration.

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