(NationalSentinel) Terrorism: Those who will have blood on their hands for the next terrorist attack that occurs in the United States with include and exclude people you might not have thought of.

Excluded: President Donald J. Trump, his national security staff and his advisors, for they have attempted to slam the door on a known terrorist infiltration conduit - Obama-era ‘refugee resettlement’ and open-border immigration policies.

Included: U.S. District Judge James Robart, for overturning Trump’s executive order temporarily banning travel from seven terrorism-infested countries; the governors and attorneys general of Washington (Jay Inslee and Bob Ferguson, respectively) and Minnesota (Mark Dayton  and Lori Swanson, respectively), for authorizing the lawsuit to get the order overturned; and members of the Academy Award and entertainment industry in Hollywood, who just gave an Oscar to an Iranian director.

What’s more, the bloodletting - and subsequent blame - could come soon.

Tensions with Iran have been rising for the past few years, ever since the Obama administration began bending over backward to accomplish as part of the president’s “legacy” a normalizing of relations with the Islamic republic - despite the fact that its leaders have repeatedly threatened the United States and its primary ally in the Middle East, Israel. Sensing an aversion to new confrontation with Muslim countries seen in Barack Obama, Iran began to behave as though no matter what it did to threaten or harass U.S. forces in the region, it would get by with it - and it has thus far.

This arrogance has now extended to the Trump administration, and has come in the form of mocking of Trump himself and continued threats to U.S. assets and interests in and around the Persian Gulf.

So far it’s largely been bluster, but the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards forces said something recently that ought to give us pause - though we’re sure no one in Hollywood will either notice or care, since like Obama they’re too busy ingratiating themselves with America’s enemies to spite Trump to understand what’s at stake.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit:

A recent video posted this week shows Islamic Republic strategist, Hassan Abbassi, discussing the destructive potential of Iran’s hidden army within the US.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Abbassi admitted to having terror cells situation (sic) and ready to strike in the United States.

“I’ll be brief. We have two million Iranians there. Be certain that I will raise a guerilla army from amongst them against you. You know this well. Look how vulnerable you were on 9-11 when four Arabs who don’t know how to fight managed to endanger your foundations.”

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It’s a safe bet that U.S. intelligence agencies know where at least some of these people are, but given the war of leaks waged against Trump by intelligence agency careerists with a globalist anti-Trump worldview, who knows if the president is even getting complete intel on this situation.

Bottom line: While Iran’s top commanders like to brag about the country’s military capabilities in public, they privately know and understand that the Islamic republic is no match for the U.S. military in any capacity.

Guerrilla warfare, however, is something else entirely because it would be unleashed on the soft underbelly of American society. It’s been made even softer by the Left’s incessant drive to weaken us from within by employing pressure against policies that Trump is attempting to implement to make us more secure, or opposing and thwarting them outright.

There will be additional rounds of mayhem, chaos and bloodshed in the U.S. And while it may not matter much when it occurs, we can thank the Alt-Left in politics, academia and the entertainment industry for making it easier to carry out.

Oh, and a shout-out to our brothers and sisters in England: They are coming after you, too.

Here’s the video:

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