(NationalSentinel) While some squishy Republicans in Congress dither over how to avoid fulfilling their campaign promises of repealing Obamacare and dramatically reforming the tax code, a new straw poll from the nation’s premier conservative event finds strong support for President Donald J. Trump - who also ran on those pledges.

As reported by Breitbart News, a straw poll conducting by the Conservative Political Action Conference and the Washington Times found that most attendees support Trump’s agenda and that of his administration:

The poll found that 86 percent of respondents “strongly or somewhat approve” of the job that Donald Trump is doing, compared to just 12 percent who somewhat or strongly disapprove of his work so far. Two percent said they were unsure. 

When asked which issue was the most important to them, 46 percent of respondents pointed to the economy — encompassing jobs, taxes, and government spending — as the most important issue. 

Meanwhile, 29 percent said that issues of national security and fighting radical Islam remained their number one issue, while 13 percent said that changing social attitudes on issues such as abortion, protecting the family, and religious freedom are their personal priority. 

However, just 44 percent of respondents said that the country is now going in the right direction, while 47 per cent believe it remains on the wrong track.

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Translation: There remains strong support for the core of Trump’s and Republicans’ stated agenda, but obviously many rank-and-file conservatives are under the impression that not enough is being done to advance it. That’s going to be a bigger problem for the GOP members of Congress than it will for Trump in the long run, because the president’s base of support includes many former Democrats who have bonded with him and have no real allegiance to the Republican Party.

Tax reform is going to be difficult because there are many competing interests that stand in the way of a final deal.

But repealing and replacing Obamacare? That’s simple: Just reintroduce the same legislation Republicans sent to Obama last year. Why won’t they at least do that?

This straw poll indicates that conservatives don’t yet believe the party has quite yet reversed course from the direction set by eight years of Obama. We’re early into the Trump era, but with both chambers of Congress and the White House, the rank-and-file (as well as the Trump Democrats) won’t be patient for long.

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