(NationalSentinel) The princelings of the so-called “mainstream media” still don’t seem to understand a couple of things since Donald J. Trump ascended into the Oval Office January 20: They are not the purveyors of influence and public opinion they thought they were, and this White House has had it with the false narratives and fake news reporting so many of them live on.

As reported by The Daily Caller, White House spokesman Sean Spicer barred CNN, The New York Times, Politico and Buzzfeed from a press gaggle with him on Friday, to which they and other mainstream outlets went into freak-out mode.

“A big deal: WH now picking and choosing which news outlets can attend Spicer gaggle, preventing CNN, NYT, Politico, Buzzfeed from attending,” tweeted CNN senior congressional reporter Manu Raju.

“How dare you call yourselves Americans,” Kurt Eichenwald tweeted, referring to Republicans standing behind Trump’s treatment of the press. Eichenwald is a senior writer at Newsweek and contributing editor to Vanity Fair, neither known for fair and balanced coverage of Trump or Republicans.

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet remarked: “Nothing like this has ever happened with the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties.”

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That’s true, nothing like this has happened to the mainstream media before - but that doesn’t it mean it shouldn’t happen.

The Trump administration has made it plain for weeks that it has no patience for the lying, hating establishment media’s false narratives and outright fake stories. It’s been nothing but Trump hate 24/7/365 from these fools since he beat Hillary Clinton in November, and so, this is Trump treating them accordingly.

This isn’t an attack on the First Amendment, and it certainly isn’t anything like the censorship by Google of Natural News that is currently taking place (where are you on that, Baquet and Eichenwald?). It is action taken by an administration to respond in kind to the unreasonable media treatment it is receiving. The message from the White House is loud and clear, even if it must be heard through press whining and gnashing of teeth: Shoot straight with us and we’ll be happy to oblige you with access. 

That is not Trump seeking a pre-ordained news outcome or him trying to influence how he and his administration is covered. It’s about ensuring that the coverage is at least accurate.

The establishment press has dumped on Trump since he won, and Republicans for…decades. It’s about time a GOP president stuck back.

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