(NationalSentinel) President Donald J. Trump has been widely criticized by both Mexico and Canada for keeping his campaign promise to fully enforce U.S. immigration laws, which have had the effect of both deterring new illegal border-jumping and driving some migrants out of the U.S.

Most who are fleeing head north to Canada, because they believe that, politically speaking, the environment is far less hostile.

But now Canadian officials are having second thoughts too about accepting an increased number of migrants. As The Washington Post notes, officials are beginning to worry the country’s various provinces cannot handle a deluge of migrants expected by spring:

As desperate asylum seekers continue to flee the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown by crossing into Canada, concern is growing here over whether the country will be able to cope if the number of migrants keeps growing.

Stories of migrants hauling children and suitcases across frozen fields and snow-covered ditches into Canada have become headline news. The asylum seekers, who are fleeing President Trump’s travel and refugee bans as well as stepped-up arrests of undocumented immigrants, have received warm welcomes. But opposition politicians are criticizing the government of Justin Trudeau for being too harsh or too lax in its approach.

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According to a recent survey a plurality of Canadians - 40 percent - think the government is taking in too many refugees (40,000 annually), the Post reported. Also, the number of Canadians who are not happy with the current policy is growing:

“There is a significant number of Canadians who have been taking a harder line on the issue of refugee resettlement,” said Shachi Kurl, the executive director of the Angus Reid Institute. “This is much more than a fringe.”

And with so many migrants willing to traipse through the ice and snow to reach Canada, there are concerns that numbers could soar with the advent of spring. “Will we be facing down our own mini-Greece or mini-Italy moment? What are we going to see when the snow melts?” Kurl asks.

So, as long as their countries aren’t getting inundated with uneducated, needy migrants, Western citizens are mighty critical of Trump and his immigration enforcement agenda. But they change their tune once their countries become migrant sponges.

There is no inherent “right” for anyone from anywhere to come to the United States. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants - well, we were at one point - but to behave as though we don’t have sovereign borders and have no inherent right to make our own rules regarding immigration is ludicrous. Every other nation does it, and in fact, most other nations have far stricter immigration rules.

Canadians are about to get a taste of what Americans have been dealing with now for years, and a growing number of them don’t like it.

Neighbors, we feel your pain.

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