By J.D. Heyes

(NationalSentinel) The Alt-Left controls academia in America, from the top Ivy League college down to the lowest level of primary education, and they are in no mood to celebrate anything President Donald Trump does, nor tolerate anyone who supports him.

That was evidence once again as an elementary school teacher in Naples, Fla., got “reassigned” after she dared utter support for the president’s move to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

As reported by EAG News, the Collier County teacher, Veronica Fleming, “was reassigned to administrative duties over a Facebook post during the ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest last Thursday.”

Her crime? Linking to a Chicago Tribune story about the protest and then offering this take on it:

“The funny part about immigrants staying home is the rest of us who pay for them are here at work like we’ve always been. Looks like less mouths to feed today. Have fun while you still can. So glad to hear about massive deportation. Let’s make America great again. Thanks Donald Trump!”

Horrors! Let the faux outrage and hurt feelings begin.

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According to a spokesman for the school - which consists of 96 percent of minorities, though it was unclear how many of them are actually immigrants, legal or otherwise - parents weren’t happy with the post (which most of them likely would have never seen had the teacher’s post not been made into a ‘controversy’ by the media; guess we can thank the Naples Daily News).

“This is a very tight-knit neighborhood school that stands for inclusion,” Greg Turchetta said. “The teachers have nothing but love for these students. Anything else is not a reflection of the school.”

Inclusion, meaning, everyone but a Trump supporter expressing her views about immigration law enforcement.

Juanita Perez, an immigrant mother of two, told NBC 2 she was “offended” by Fleming’s online comments.

“My feelings are hurt for our kids,” she said. “I couldn’t even believe it. How could a teacher speak like that?”

Other parents charged that the post was “racist.” Of course.

“I was mad. Really, really mad,” said Gabriella Marquez, whose two children are in Fleming’s class. “I would consider it really to be racist.”

Of course you would, Ms. Marquez. You’ve been conditioned to do so by people who are obviously much smarter than you.

Anyone who seriously believes Fleming’s post was anything but a show of support for the president’s immigration enforcement actions - which he took an oath to enforce as president of the United States - is just being ignorant. Period.

Meantime, the intolerant Left will continue to use their intolerance for other points of view to push for their view of “tolerance” - which is, agree with everything they do or be pushed out, demonized, stereotyped and harassed

You know, everything libs claim to be against.

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