(NationalSentinel) The Republican Party really is the party of obstructionism. Of themselves.

Though Democrats charged that the GOP majority was “obstructionist” during the waning Obama years, the only thing they really held up was Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. Obama got his budgets, his Cabinet picks, and his agenda; Republicans barely opposed him on any of it. Even when Obama blatantly violated the Constitution, the timidity in the House and Senate for holding the president to account was off the charts.

Now that Republicans have the House, the Senate and the White House - with mandates to repeal and replace Obamacare, overhaul the tax code to give Americans and businesses a break, begin the process of revitalizing the nation’s infrastructure and dramatically scale back regulations…all we hear are crickets on Capitol Hill.

That is delightful for minority Democrats, because they don’t want any part of that agenda passed. And because of that, they lost more than 1,200 seats in statehouses, state legislatures, Congress and, finally, the White House, over the course of Obama’s eight years of Left-wing activism.

Yet, it doesn’t seem like they’ve lost a thing.

We’ve been patient here at The National Sentinel, even reporting recently that much of the reason why the Trump/GOP agenda is stalled is due to Democrats in the Senate slow-walking confirmations as well as Leftist careerists within the bureaucracy resisting the president at every opportunity. And, of course, the so-called “mainstream media” hasn’t helped either, publishing every leak as though it were gospel and forcing the president’s team to respond on a near-daily basis.

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But let’s face it: Republicans have known since Nov. 9 they would be controlling all levers of power within the Legislative and Executive branches. They’ve introduced legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare within the past year but can’t seem to remember where they put it.

They have tax reform plans from various respected, conservative, pro-growth think tanks sitting on their desks. Why isn’t it being introduced?

When Obama wanted his massive stimulus package during his first month in office, he got it, and with bipartisan support. (Never mind that it was largely a payoff to unions and did nothing to ‘stimulate’ job growth or repair infrastructure.)

So, what’s really going on in the nation’s capital? Even with all of the distractions and delays, which admittedly are extraordinarily intense for Trump, none of them should distract Republicans in Congress from helping Trump enact the mandate all of them were given by voters in November.

Or is that the problem? Is it that too many Republicans, like their Democratic colleagues, also want to see Trump fail? Because if that’s the case, here’s what’s going to happen: Trump will be deified among his base of support, which is already wide, deep, and crosses party lines, while the Republicans who are thwarting Trump are going to be retired by their voters next election.

In case the namby-pamby GOP establishment types in Congress still don’t get it, Trump is president now because the American people are so sick and tired of being ignored by them and the other party’s “establishment.” They are tired of being hamstrung and “ruled” by an unseen, shadowy, abusive bureaucracy. They have had their fill of being fleeced by Uncle Sam and getting little-to-nothing in return.

And they will exact their revenge as soon as 2018, if nothing is done between now and then. Count on it.

The time is now for action. Americans are demanding it. The GOP promised it.

Time to deliver.

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