(NationalSentinel) Under the false guise of “Internet neutrality,” the a Democrat-appointed Federal Election Commissioner who wanted to rule over the Internet with an iron fist, shutting out conservative and alternative media sites, is resigning.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon over the weekend, the commissioner - Ann Ravel - had not been attending meetings of the FEC for weeks.

In her resignation letter, she attributed her decision to resign to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision in which the high court ruled that corporations and labor unions could spend unlimited amounts on campaigns.

“I respectfully urge you to prioritize campaign finance reform to remedy the significant problems identified during the last election cycle,” the letter says. “Disclosure laws need to be strengthened; the mistaken jurisprudence of Citizens United reexamined; public financing of candidates ought to be expanded to reduce reliance on the wealthy; and Commissioners who will carry out the mandates of the law should be appointed to expired terms at the FEC. Thank you very much.”

There is nothing “mistaken” about the Citizens United decision, but the issue of how modern political campaigns are financed certainly is one of concern to a growing number of Americans. Each presidential election gets more and more expensive, and it doesn’t appear as though that will change anytime soon.

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The most recent election was somewhat different, in that one candidate - Donald Trump - benefitted enormously from free air time, either through being a daily guest on cable and network news or dominating the news cycle for whatever reason. Trump sort of self-financed his campaign, but many of his expenditures have since been offset by political donations from the masses.

The issue that Ravel does not address - her onetime desire to essentially monopolize Alt-Left political coverage on the Internet - is the much larger concern. That’s nothing more than stone-cold censorship, and only an authoritarian mindset finds the curtailing of certain political ideals and philosophies, rather than the free and open debate of ideas on the public stage, appealing.

Either way, this champion of government-imposed speech control is now gone, and that’s going to be a positive thing for American liberty.

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