(NationalSentinel) Federal and state law enforcement officials are warning GOP lawmakers who are returning to their home districts and planning to hold town hall-style meetings to bolster their security in the face of potential violence from Left-wing protestors.

As reported by Fox News, the House Sergeant-at-Arms is warning all 435 members to review security procedures as they leave for a “District Work Period,” which often includes meetings with constituents and town halls.

Fox News noted:

The advisory issued Thursday by the House Sergeant at Arms “strongly encouraged” the chamber’s roughly 435 members to review security protocols as they leave Capitol Hill for a “District Work Period,” which historically includes town hall-style events and other interactions with constituents.

“This is important if your district office becomes a potential demonstration site,” the advisory reads. “If your home address and phone number are publicly available, you should remain particularly alert regarding your surroundings.”

However, as has been evident already, it is Republican lawmakers who are being targeted by agitators and anarchists, some of whom are associated with groups that have ties to former President Obama. As we reported Saturday:

Tens of thousands of members of an Alt-Left group tied to former President Obama plans to protest Republican lawmakers even harder as they return home this week to hold town hall-style meetings.

Members of Organizing For America, or OFA, have been given “training manuals” instructing them how to protest – that is, which talking points to reiterate in unison – when confronting GOP lawmakers who are supportive of President Donald J. Trump’s policies, including repeal of Obamacare.

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Indeed, as Fox News reported, GOP Rep. Tom Reed hosted another town hall event in his upstate New York district in which some attendees were loud, rude and rowdy, demanding answers about his purported desire to shutter the Environmental Protection Agency and about “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

It’s all part of a bigger strategy by Alt-Left anarchists to give these lawmakers - and Americans all over the country - the impression that their is widespread opposition to their support of President Donald Trump’s policies - to cut taxes for corporations and citizens alike, to repeal and replace Obamacare, and to roll back job-killing federal regulations.

Several GOP lawmakers are aware of this concerted effort to disrupt their town hall events, acknowledging that at least some of the anarchists are paid to protest.

Fox News reported also that conservative organizations are mounting efforts of their own to bus supporters to Republican lawmakers’ events as a counterbalance to the Leftist agitators. The goal of these organizations is to hold GOP lawmakers accountable for their pledges to support Trump’s agenda.

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