(NationalSentinel) Nothing makes a liberal happier than sharing their misery with like-minded people, so they are welcoming this trend: Americans fed up with the lunacy of far-Left Democratic blue states are voting with their feet (and their tax money) and are leaving in droves.

As reported by The Daily Signal, new data compiled by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) finds that Americans, more than ever, are moving where fiscal, social and public policies are more in line with their political philosophies and zest for liberty.

And, the data note, this has been a boon for red states like Texas:

Take two of the most high-tax, high-spend states in the union: New York and Illinois.

Over the past decade, New York has suffered a net loss of nearly 1.5 million residents and over 650,000 Illinoisans have moved elsewhere. Meanwhile, Texas, a right-to-work state with no income or estate tax, saw its population grow by 1.3 million.

Even though both states have “appealing” metro hubs in Chicago and New York City, the states, overall, are shedding citizens.

Overall, according to ALEC’s analysis, for the past 15 years high-tax, high-regulation blue states have been losing employers and taxpaying citizens overall:

States that scored high on the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index, which takes into consideration 15 variables from the number of public employees to sales tax rates, have seen an influx of job-creating companies and taxpaying citizens over the last decade, while low-scoring blue states have been losing both.

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Tax policies and labor laws are not the only factors that lead to a flourishing state, ALEC noted. But the correlation between sane economic policy and economic growth is clear.

This is an example of federalism at its finest. States were meant to compete with one another under our system, allowing all of them to discover which policies and which ideas for growth were most effective. Those that work are more widely adopted, while those that don’t are more widely rejected.

This migration from blue to red states is also another stellar example of why more Americans should be supporting President Donald J. Trump’s plans to devolve power out of Washington and back to states. When federal bureaucracies issue rules and regulations, they apply to every state and Americans cannot escape them. Trump and his team believe states should be deciding and settling most policy issues on their own - to see what works for them, rather than having rules imposed on them from the ivory tower in D.C.

Study after study shows this is the correct approach - that is, if state lawmakers want to become more attractive to job creators and tax-paying citizens.

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