(NationalSentinel) What is it about narcissistic Democrats who have some fetish about running for the presidency at least twice and losing both times? Because if former senator, secretary of state and phony ‘war hero’ John F. Kerry throws his hat into the ring in 2020, that’s what will happen. No way Kerry defeats what will be a Trump juggernaut by then.

But he may just try it anyway. As reported by The Washington Examiner, Kerry isn’t ruling out the possibility:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has not ruled out running for president again in 2020, according to a new interview.

The 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, who lost to George W. Bush, is suggesting he could be up for potentially running against President Trump.

“I haven’t been thinking about it or talking about it,” Kerry told the New York Times before adding, “I haven’t ruled anything in or anything out.”

In December, Kerry also said he had thought “for a minute or two” about jumping into the action.

Kerry will continue to mull over a potential second loss at his new digs at Yale University’s Kerry Institute, where his official title is “Distinguished Fellow for Global Affairs.” He will teach a course and lead discussions he calls “Kerry Conversations.”

Great. Another raging lib on an Ivy League campus. Maybe the conversation will eventually turn to how he, along with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, managed to make it possible for Iran to someday develop, deploy, and threaten the world with nuclear weapons.

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