(NationalSentinel) Largely lost amid the so-called “scandal” involving former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and phone calls he held with a Russian diplomat not found to have been improper is an understory that goes a long way towards unraveling what we don’t know about the nuclear “deal” the Obama administration made with Iran.

On Wednesday, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Obama loyalists were involved in the deep state’s campaign of political assassination against Flynn primarily for one reason: He was about to spill the beans on the Iran deal, no doubt at President Donald J. Trump’s direction:

Flynn had been preparing to publicize many of the details about the nuclear deal that had been intentionally hidden by the Obama administration as part of its effort to garner support for the deal, these sources said.

Flynn is now “gone before anybody can see what happened” with these secret agreements, said the second insider close to Flynn and the White House.

Sources in and out of the White House are concerned that the campaign against Flynn will be extended to other prominent figures in the Trump administration.

Well, we know that the deep state was successful in getting rid of Flynn, but of course, the president is still the president, and Donald J. Trump has been critical of the Iran deal since he began his White House bid.

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Now, suddenly, we’re hearing “warnings” from Iran that the Trump administration had better keep those details secret…or elsesomething. Again, the Washington Free Beacon:

Senior Iranian officials are warning the Trump administration about disclosing secret deals related to the nuclear deal that have long been hidden from the public by the Obama administration, according to recent comments that prompted pushback from senior sources on Capitol Hill.

Iran’s warning comes on the heels of a Washington Free Beacon report disclosing that former national security adviser Michael Flynn had been pushed out of office partly due to his intention to release these sensitive documents to the American public.

Leading lawmakers in Congress launched multiple investigations last year into the Obama administration’s efforts to keep these documents secret and out of public view. Sources who spoke to the Free Beacon about the matter said that the Trump White House is working on ways to publicize this information despite warnings from Iran.

We know Obama has lied repeatedly about what was in the deal, but we don’t yet know the depth and extent of the lies. The fact that Iranian leaders are reaching out to publicly “warn” the Trump administration not to release any details is extremely telling: What, pray tell, did our terrorist-friendly president promise the Iranians? What did America give away, or give up, to make this ‘deal’?

“Secret side deals related to the nuclear agreement remain unclassified but have been stashed in a secure location on Capitol Hill, making it difficult for staffers and lawmakers to view them. Individuals seeking to view these documents must have security clearance and are barred from taking notes or speaking about what they see,” the Free Beacon reported.

Is Trump about to change the rules and let every American in on this deal? The Iranians must think so - and they must also know that a majority of Americans won’t be very happy about what Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton did.

“Our declassification procedures are not subject to the whims of Iranian officials,” a source told the web site. “Unclassified documents should be released so the American public can see just how bad of a deal the previous administration negotiated on its behalf.”

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