(NationalSentinel) The corrupt and compromised establishment press continues to create false narratives about the Trump administration in an effort to gin up opposition, and one of those fake news stories is that President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel to the U.S. from seven terrorism-infested countries is actually a Muslim ban.

Except that a majority of Americans aren’t buying the lie. As reported by the Washington Examiner, a new poll found that most Americans reject that narrative:

The majority of U.S. voters do not think President Trump’s executive order to temporarily suspend immigration from seven Middle Eastern and north African countries is a “Muslim ban,” as opponents have called the action, according to a Fox News poll released Tuesday evening.

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The Feb. 11-13 survey found 56 percent of registered voters deemed the order a “terrorist hot spot restriction,” while 37 percent said it was a “Muslim ban.”

The survey found that 46 percent support the order, but a smaller majority did not.

Still, the narrative by the establishment press is only resonating with Americans who are not and have never been supporters of the president.

That’s bad, but it would worse if the fake narrative were more pervasive. This is just another example of how the once-mighty “mainstream” media is losing power and influence over the electorate.

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