(NationalSentinel) Some have described the well-coordinated assault on former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as a political assassination, and it surely was that. But there is much going on behind the scenes that transcends Flynn’s dramatic fall that, frankly, should disturb all Americans.

As we noted Tuesday, there is a “revolt” taking place in the U.S. Intelligence Community against everything President Donald J. Trump stands for and is seeking to accomplish during his tenure which, incredibly, even the Russians are concerned about. Following Flynn’s resignation, the sharks smell blood and they are preparing to go full bore now to take out the president.

Here’s what we know:

  • Former Obama officials and figures loyal to Washington’s globalist establishment had been plotting for months against the Trump administration, and Flynn happened to be their first target. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon exclusively:The abrupt resignation Monday evening of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is the culmination of a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran, according to multiple sources in and out of the White House who described to the Washington Free Beacon a behind-the-scenes effort by these officials to plant a series of damaging stories about Flynn in the national media.


    The operation primarily focused on discrediting Flynn, an opponent of the Iran nuclear deal, in order to handicap the Trump administration’s efforts to disclose secret details of the nuclear deal with Iran that had been long hidden by the Obama administration.

    That has been taking place now for days. In fact, there’s a story today in The New York Times that makes it seem like a number of Trump associates including his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, had regular contacts with Russian intelligence throughout the campaign last year. This report claims to be based on information provided by “four current and former American officials.” But like earlier reports, there isn’t much in the story other than insinuations; the Time even reported that officials “have seen no evidence” Trump or his campaign worked with the Russians; Manafort hasn’t been charged with anything; but readers are left with the impression that the Trump team was in bed with the Russians, which has been the globalist establishment’s narrative since Trump beat Clinton in November. And yet, still, not one shred of evidence has been presented to prove that illicit Russian activity a) took place at all; and b) had any effect on the outcome of the election. 

  • The Week stated it bluntly: America’s spies took down Flynn, anonymously, and that should worry everyone:The whole episode is evidence of the precipitous and ongoing collapse of America’s democratic institutions — not a sign of their resiliency. Flynn’s ouster was a soft coup (or political assassination) engineered by anonymous intelligence community bureaucrats. The results might be salutary, but this isn’t the way a liberal democracy is supposed to function.

    Unelected intelligence analysts work for the president, not the other way around. Far too many Trump critics appear not to care that these intelligence agents leaked highly sensitive information to the press — mostly because Trump critics are pleased with the result.


    Members of the unelected, unaccountable intelligence community are not the right someone, especially when they target a senior aide to the president by leaking anonymously to newspapers the content of classified phone intercepts, where the unverified, unsubstantiated information can inflict politically fatal damage almost instantaneously.

    These leaks, we must remember, are not aimed at doing the public a service; they are aimed at effecting a political outcome - in this case, undermining Trump, his entire administration and any part of his agenda the deep state opposes.

    Consider: Why didn’t we see these kinds of leaks regarding Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi debacle? We know it happened; what we don’t know is what Obama was doing at the time, where he and Clinton were, and what decisions were made (and what pleas were ignored).

  • Adds national security correspondent Eli Lake at Bloomberg View:Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do.  

There is no question that what is happening now is a concerted operation by the deep state to take down a legitimately elected president or, in the very least, delegitimize him and bring him under their control, all because his agenda does not match theirs. They want a president who, like them, favors endless global turmoil, endless war and endless chaos, so command bigger budgets, gain more power and control larger parts of the globe. Clinton would have given them exactly what they wanted because she is a product of “the system.”

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Think: If the deep state had any real indication that Trump was a Russian mole or involved in some slimy way with the Russian government, everything that is being leaked now would have been leaked months ago.

Indeed, when Trump was still just a billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV host - which was not that long ago - he would have been charged with a crime for any illicit dealings for foreign entities, including the Russian government (especially during the Obama presidency).

There is also this: If Trump really did have “ties to Vladimir Putin” in a way that the Russian leader seriously lent his intelligence operation to the Trump campaign (which Wikileaks‘ Julian Assange has repeatedly said did not happen), then that information would have been leaked by now as game, set and match to end the Trump presidency before it began.

Finally, let’s not forget that if anyone should be investigated for improper dealings with Russia, it should be Bill and Hillary Clinton. It was during her tenure as Obama’s secretary of state that Moscow was able to gain control of one-fifth of all of the United States’ strategic supply of uranium - key to the construction of nuclear weapons, all while money flowed steadily to the Clinton Foundation.

Where are those leaks?

It’s obvious that there is an insider war going on between the Trump White House and figures within U.S. intelligence and national security bureaucracy who are far more loyal to the globalist elite than the American people.

Will Congress get serious about getting to the bottom of this - as in, finding out who is leaking and on behalf of whom - or are the leadership of both parties too politically compromised themselves to do anything at all?

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