(NationalSentinel) With Germany practically under siege by a wave of hundreds of thousands of migrants from the war-torn Middle East, Chancellor Angela Merkel - whose open-door migrant policy attracted so many in the first place - now wants to pay them to leave.

12-19-16-10-10-45_promo_article_160x600-option-15b15dAs reported by Breitbart London, Merkel has set aside tens of millions of euros’ worth of taxpayer money to create a fund designed to pay migrants who voluntarily withdraw their asylum applications:

The handouts will form part of a 16-point plan to speed up the removal of rejected asylum seekers, after Tunisian migrant Anis Amri murdered a Polish lorry driver, hijacked his vehicle and drove it into a Christmas market in Berlin while awaiting deportation.


Germany rejected 170,000 asylum claims in 2016 but, according to the Mail, just 26,000 were repatriated. 55,000 more decided to leave voluntarily – apparently leaving 81,000 bogus applicants unaccounted for.

“We rely heavily on voluntary departures,” admitted the chancellor, who was announcing the package after falling behind the Social Democrats in polls for Germany’s upcoming elections.

News of the fund comes as President Donald J. Trump fights ridiculous court battles he should not have to fight as he attempts to keep potential terrorists from the same part of the world out of the U.S.

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As Breitbart noted further, Trump - and others - foresaw problems with Merkel’s policy:

U.S. president Donald Trump told The Times that Merkel made a “catastrophic mistake”when she opened the doors to an unlimited number of migrants in 2015. Her vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, admitted that his superior had underestimated how difficult it would be to integrate migrants on such a grand scale, and that Germany had been plunged into a kulturkampf, or “cultural war”, as a result.

Besides trying to keep terrorists out of the country, Trump obviously recognizes that the U.S. would undergo similar societal problems if a large number of people from a culture and religion that treats women as second-class citizens, kills gays and lesbians and adheres to a legal system that is anathema to our Constitution were allowed into the United States.

Merkel has found out the hard way that Trump was right.

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