More pre-planned protests erupt after Trump begins enforcing immigration law

(NationalSentinel) Stop us if you’ve heard this before: President Donald Trump acts; protests erupt.

Yes, we know. It’s getting routine, isn’t it? The president follows through on what he promised he would do his entire campaign, the anti-American Left blows up and the next thing you know, there are a bunch of people showing up almost immediately with pre-printed, professionally manufactured signs that all strangely say the same thing, which is usually a talking point.

It happened again Thursday evening, this time in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles, within hours after immigration authorities detained and then deported a 36-year-old illegal immigrant woman who committed a felony some years ago but was being given a pass by the Obama administration.

As reported by KTLA in LA:

While immigration advocates say more than 100 people were detained Thursday as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials conducted home raids across three Southern California counties, the federal agency insists its operations were “routine” and not part of President Donald Trump’s unprecedented immigration crackdown.

Wait, what’s that bit about ‘unprecedented’? Talk about journalistic malpractice; Google ‘Obama administration deported more people’ and it will take like 0.0002 of a second to discover that it was the last president who became known as “Deporter in Chief.”

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So what’s the fuss about when Trump orders it? Simple: Trump ordered it. And anything Trump does when it comes to enforcing immigration law is racist/bigoted/mean-spirited/illegal/etc.

But the point is, these actions - no matter how sane, how constitutional and how necessary - are going to be protested endlessly by the newest anti-American hate group, the far Left and its Democratic Party enablers. The aim is two-fold: 1) The Left wants you to believe that the entire country is against Trump (it isn’t; not by a long shot); and 2) They want you to get so fed up and discouraged that you just throw your hands up in frustration and shout, “Fine - let them have their way!”

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get disappointed. Don’t get disheartened. Stay the course. If anything, all of this nonsensical protesting will hurt the Democratic Party and keep them a regional faction of perpetual malcontents with no real power.

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