Add Netflix to the list of media pushing the country towards a race war

(NationalSentinel) The discredited ‘mainstream’ media is not alone in its effort to create as much division, hate and anger in America as it can possibly gin up. The Left-wing entertainment media is just as guilty, and you can now add Netflix to that tally.

Like other media companies that stream movies, TV programs and other content, Netflix is now creating its own content, and one of the company’s first offerings is an anti-white, overtly racist piece of trash that is obviously aimed not at “healing” but creating further division among our people.

As reported by, the series, “Dear White People,” has turned off millions of people:

Netflix debuted their trailer for Dear White People and received tremendous backlash, many going so far as to cancel their Netflix account.

But as Alex Jones, creator and host of Infowars, notes, the program - and the Left’s creation of it - has much more sinister implications: It’s actually designed to turn whites into racists and incite violence among our country’s various ethnic groups.

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Think about that: If you’re white and you never thought of yourself as a racist person, how tired are getting of being accused by minorities and the media of being racist? If you lash out, that just goes to prove how racist you’ve always been.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. You never thought you disliked people of color or a different ethnicity, until you began to dislike how much they stereotyped you into being someone you’re not. That dislike is transformed by the Left into dislike for minorities.

The best thing to do is to make your stand with your wallet: Drop Netflix like a hot potato, find a different streaming service that isn’t going to insult you and the majority of Americans, and let the company die on the vine. That’s the best way to respond.

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