(NationalSentinel) When President Donald J. Trump issued his executive order broadening the powers of U.S. immigration authorities to identify, detain and then deport people who are in the country illegally, there were not any time limits written into the order.

In other words, it did not instruct immigration authorities to focus only on illegals who had been in the country a few years or less; it was broad, as in the president wants federal immigration agents to enforce immigration laws as written. No special consideration should be given to, say, a 36-year-old mother of two whose kids were born in the U.S. but who herself is in the country illegally, as is her husband.

12-19-16-10-10-45_promo_article_160x600-option-15b15dBut to liberals, there should be special consideration and wide latitude as to which laws could and should be enforced, and which ones should not be. That’s the nature of liberalism; you get to pick and choose which laws you obey while ignoring those that offend your sensibilities.

As reported by AZ Central, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was detained by ICE after she’d been given a pass for years by immigration authorities to remain in the country illegally. She may be the first person detained under the new broad instructions contained within Trump’s executive order:

For  four years, federal immigration authorities have given Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos a pass to remain in the U.S. rather than deport her back to Mexico.

That changed Wednesday, when Garcia de Rayos went to check in as usual at the central Phoenix offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Instead of being released, she was taken into custody, while her husband, two children — both U.S.-born citizens — and a group of supporters watched in tears.


Garcia de Rayos’ husband does not have legal status and did not want to be identified. “Basically we are Americans,” he said. “This is our country. We were brought here when we were teens.”

No, not “basically,” Mr. Garcia de Rayos. It was not your fault you were brought here illegally by your parents, most Americans understand that. But it’s not our fault, either, that your parents decided to break our immigration laws. See how that works?

If you’re angry at anyone, be angry at them - and the Mexican government, for aiding and abetting the breaking of U.S. immigration laws as a way to export Mexican poverty to the United States.

There are going to be tears. There are going to be heartaches. There are going to be cases that just don’t seem “fair” or “right” or “sensible.” But the law is what it is, and Trump was elected in part to enforce them.

When Democratic politicians speak of “our broken immigration system,” understand that it’s not “broken” at all. It works just fine when the laws are enforced. The system “broke” when the last president decided on his own that we all had to look the other way when people who have no inherent right to be here were sneaking in.

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