(NationalSentinel) If the perpetually angry Left is anything, it is organized. Schedule a conservative public event, and you can be sure that “protestors” from the Alt-Left will be there with pre-printed signs to shout down their political opponents.

But in terms of just how widespread the Alt-Left movement is nationwide, it’s essentially limited to a fraction of the overall population. Were that not the case then Congress would be in Democrat hands as well as the White House.

12-19-16-10-10-45_promo_article_160x600-option-15b15dOf course, the opposite is true: Republicans dominate Congress, own the White House and hold a record number of governorships and state legislatures.

And still they seem to lack the intestinal fortitude to govern under the mandates they were elected to carry out, in particular, repealing and replacing Obamacare.

As reported by Politico, GOP lawmakers are actually in fear for their safety as they travel back to their districts to hold town hall-style events to discuss issues with their constituents:

House Republicans during a closed-door meeting Tuesday discussed how to protect themselves and their staffs from protesters storming town halls and offices in opposition to repealing Obamacare, sources in the room told Politico.

House GOP Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers invited Rep. David Reichert, a former county sheriff, to present lawmakers with protective measures they should have in place. Among the suggestions: having a physical exit strategy at town halls, or a backdoor in congressional offices to slip out of, in case demonstrations turn violent; having local police monitor town halls; replacing any glass office-door entrances with heavy doors and deadbolts; and setting up intercoms to ensure those entering congressional offices are there for appointments, not to cause chaos.

“The message was: One, be careful for security purposes. Watch your back. And two, be receptive. Honor the First Amendment, engage, be friendly, be nice,” said Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker (R-N.C.). “Because it is toxic out there right now. Even some of the guys who have been around here a lot longer than I have, have never seen it to this level.”

He added: “For those of us who have children in grade school and that kind of thing, there’s a factor in all of this, saying: How far will the progressive movement go to try to intimidate us?”

Republicans, take heart: The nation is largely behind you. Isn’t that apparent by the huge victories your party has scored during the age of Obama? Isn’t that apparent now that Donald J. Trump is in the White House?

Govern, boys and girls. Govern. We need you to help freedom-loving, liberty-minded constitutionalist Americans take our country back from the clutches of the socialist/communist Left, led by people like George Soros (and where is the arrest warrant for him, anyway?).

If it gets so bad out there that you feel you need more protection, ask your constituents. Among them are many veterans, cops, and other patriots who would gladly come to your assistance, guard your events and help protect you from the idiot sheep who have no idea why they “resist.”

We have your back, guys and ladies.

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