(NationalSentinel) In recent days, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn put Iran “on notice” after the Islamic republic tested a ballistic missile that is reportedly prohibited under the so-called “nuclear deal” struck with the Obama administration.

Now, we learn, Iranian gunboats operating in the vicinity of U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf are directly endangering U.S. naval assets in the region.

12-19-16-10-10-45_promo_article_160x600-option-15b15dAs reported exclusively by Breitbart News:

Iranian forces in a fast-attack boat had their guns pointed right at a U.S. destroyer as it sped directly towards the ship, in a dangerous encounter in January, a U.S. Navy captain said.

Fearing collision, U.S. Navy Cmdr. Marc Davis was eventually forced to fire three warning shots from the ship’s .50 caliber guns, he said in a recent one-on-one interview with Breitbart News, where he shared new details about the incident.

The contact began early Sunday morning on January 8 when one of four Iranian boats harassing the Mahan began speeding straight towards the destroyer and its 330 sailors onboard, forcing a series of attempts to get it to stop.

“On that day, we were transiting into the Arabian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz,” Davis said, referring to the narrow waterway, which is in international waters but which Iran says belongs to it.

After several standard attempts to get the Iranian gunboats to change course, which included launching a helicopter from the U.S.S. Mahan and dropping a smoke flare ahead of a fast-approaching craft. Finally, Davis gave the order to fire warning shots after informing the approaching Iranian craft that he would do so.

After warning shots, if approaching enemy vessels do not change course, U.S. navy ship captains are authorized to use deadly force to protect the asset and the crew.

In response to Iranian antagonism, President Donald J. Trump has said that “nothing is off the table” when he was asked what options he was considering if Iranian belligerence continued.

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