(NationalSentinel) It’s quite likely that the U.S. Secret Service hasn’t been this busy in a long, long time.

From ordinary Americans who are still angry over the fact that Hillary Clinton was bested by a real estate mogul and reality TV star, to “stars” like Madonna, there have been thousands of calls for the assassination of President Donald. J. Trump. And frankly, that’s unprecedented.

12-19-16-10-10-45_promo_article_160x600-option-15b15dAs reported by Infowars:

More than 12,000 tweets have called for President Donald Trump’s assassination since he was inaugurated two weeks ago, according to Dataminr statistics. 

Social media users like Zachary Benton, 24, of Ohio have already been charged with threatening the president, while Madonna came under fire for saying she wanted to ‘blow up’ the White House during the Women’s March in Washington DC.

Former Secret Service special agent Tim Franklin told Mashable that the agency was likely to look for repeated threats, specific details of any possible attacks, and other trends before launching an investigation.

It’s worse than that, though. Even mainstream publications like this rag from Ireland have featured Trump assassination themes, and frankly, that’s just outrageous.

The angry Alt-Left justifies this hatred by claiming that Trump embodies hatred, when in fact he has never once expressed a hatred for anyone. All he’s done since his campaign began is talk about how he wants America to be great - all Americans - even the idiots who are making these threats.

The Left is using it’s own made-up narratives to justify behavior they would never tolerate against any Democratic president, and certainly not the first black president or, if Clinton had one, the first woman president. Any conservative who would have made such threats would have been destroyed publicly, and perhaps even targeted by the mindless lunatics who respond to Alt-Left marching orders like Stalinist sheep.

At some point the Trump administration will have to make examples of people who are breaking the law by threatening the commander-in-chief with death. No matter who sits in the White House, we cannot have people threatening to kill them or even suggesting that it be done.

That’s the quickest way to banana republic status and our eventual downfall, if we don’t respect and defend our elected officials, regardless of what they believe.

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