(NationalSentinel) A Sunday Washington Post story once again continued the establishment media narrative that President Donald J. Trump and his administration are out-of-control renegades who have no idea what they’re doing and no grasp of the challenges that lie ahead.

Picking up on the decision by a federal judge late Friday to issue an emergency stay of Trump’s executive order banning travel to the United States from seven terrorist havens, the tone of the Post’s piece was that, already, things are beginning to unravel and Trump’s reputation as the can-do guy is coming apart.


12-19-16-10-10-45_promo_article_160x600-option-15b15dHere’s an excerpt:

There have been successes. Last week’s rollout of Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination and of Trump’s executive order scaling back financial regulations, for instance, were both mistake-free — in part because White House aides took pains to brief both Capitol Hill staff and journalists about their plans.

Nevertheless, the administration remains dogged by slip-ups, half-truths and bombshells, some of them set off by the president himself.

Responding to the Washington state judge’s order on the entry ban, the White House issued a statement late Friday saying the Department of Justice planned to file an emergency stay against the “outrageous order,” only to send out an updated statement 12 minutes later deleting the word “outrageous.”

First and foremost, the judge’s order was outrageous, but as the president and this publication have predicted, eventually Trump’s order will be upheld by higher courts (and perhaps even the Supreme Court) because under law and the Constitution, national security begins and ends with the president.

Having said that, it’s clear that criticism of the Trump administration is outsized; the vast majority of the Left-wing discredited establishment media, for example, is all over this story about Judge James Robart’s reversal of Trump’s travel ban. However, if we had any advise to Team Trump, it is this: Don’t sweat it; Obama’s first year in office wasn’t good, either.

As noted by Time there were five major issues that the Obama administration either did not handle well or misjudged:

- The challenges were just too big for any one man. 

- Crises are not opportunities; they are just crises. 

- The Obama mandate was not what it seemed. 

- Health care is just too hard. 

- Americans just don’t like government.

Eventually the Obama administration hit its stride, so to speak, and the rest is history. And remember, it took the Obama White House some time to coalesce and become effective even with political insiders, which Trump’s team has largely shunned (because Trump knows that being political does not translate into effective, efficient governing).

Team Trump will hit its stride as well, and in fact, we predict much sooner than Obama’s team. What’s more, it’s worth noting that many of the “controversies” that are being claimed are nothing more than media fabrications and false narratives. After all, it’s the media that decides what is and is not “controversial” in the first place, so trusting them to portray the Trump administration accurately is a mistake.

“We’ll do better,” Vice President Mike Pence reportedly told Republican senators at a private luncheon Tuesday at the Capitol, the Post reported.

Undoubtedly, they will.

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