(NationalSentinel) Another day, another round of partisan obstructionism from Democrats. But this time, Republicans were ready for it.

Earlier this week, Senate Democrats who used to complain that Republicans were thwarting them huddled together and decided to play the role of the Obstruction Party with a childish boycott of a Senate Finance Committee hearing to decide on President Donald J. Trump’s nominations of Steven Mnuchin to run Treasury and Tom Price to head Health and Human Services.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-11The first time it happened, majority Republicans on the panel rescheduled. But not Wednesday. As reported by Bloomberg:

The Senate Finance Committee moved to report both of them to the Senate floor on 14-0 votes, with only Republicans participating, after voting to suspend the panel’s rules.

The unusual steps came one day after Democrats forced a delay on scheduled votes by boycotting the committee’s meeting. Chairman Orrin Hatch said Tuesday he was furious at Democrats, and vowed to push the nominations forward.

Hatch said Wednesday that the emergency steps were the proper course of action.

“For the record, I’ll note that the Senate Parliamentarian Office has confirmed that this course of action is consistent with both the committee and Senate rules,” he said.

Democrats could try to block both of them when their nominations reach the full Senate for a vote - and they will likely try, because obstructionism has become the new Democratic strategy, not governance. But they aren’t likely to be successful.

Still, it’s just another way that angry Left-wing Democrats are further alienating their party with the American people, most of whom are sick and tired of this kind of politics, especially after the campaign cycle we’ve all just endured.

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