(NationalSentinel) Another stark reminder in just how politically divided our nation has become can be seen in the drastically different reactions to President Donald J. Trump’s executive order over the weekend banning some immigrants and migrants.

In liberal pockets around the country, the reaction was predictable: The angry Left does what it always does in response to conservative, America-first leadership-staging protests, hurling charges of bigotry and racism, and generally missing the entire point completely of the action with which they disagree.

09-02-16-04-44-01_promo_article_160x600-option-2Meanwhile, in Middle America, where sanity is king and reasonable people sometimes disagree, Trump’s order was met with a mix of relief, thanks, and understanding. As reported by Reuters:

In the St. Louis suburb of Manchester, Missouri, 72-year-old Jo Ann Tieken characterized the president as bringing reason into an overheated debate. 

“Somebody has to stand up, be the grown up and see what we can do better to check on people coming in,” she said. “I’m all for everybody to stop and take a breath … Just give it a chance.”


Louise Ingram, a 69-year-old retiree from Troy, Alabama, said she forgave the new administration a few “glitches,” such as widespread confusion over treatment of green card holders, as it moved to protect U.S. citizens from attacks.

“I’m not opposed to immigrants,” she said. “I just want to make sure they are safe to come in.”

Candace Wheater, a 60-year-old retired school cafeteria worker from Spring Lake, Michigan, also referenced the attacks in Brussels and Paris. 

“Look at what’s happening in Europe,” she said. “I don’t dare travel there, out of fear.”

Steve Hirsch, 63, from Manassas, Virginia, drove to Washington’s Dulles airport on Sunday to pick somebody up, rather than to protest as hundreds of others did.

He said he supported Trump’s order. “A country is not a country if it doesn’t have borders,” he added.

He lauded Trump’s actions as a calculated step toward the larger goal of tightening border security.

“He probably went as far as he thought he could,” Hirsch said. “You can’t ban everybody in the world, but I think it’s prudent considering the conditions in certain places in the world.”

While it is obvious that Reuters targeted a specific demographic-people over 55-to make it appear that younger, hipper Americans are all-in with hating on Trump, the fact of the matter is that most Americans in all age groups support what the president is doing; polling data indicate that.

As the White House has said time and again, the order isn’t a “Muslim ban,” it is aimed at preventing future attacks like those that happened at the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Calif., and Orlando, Fla., in recent years. Taking care to take care of the country is a president’s principle responsibility. And besides, where was the angry Left when President Obama barred people from the same countries named in Trump’s order from entering the U.S. in legislation he signed in 2015? Oh, the hypocrisy.

It’s only a week or so into Trump’s administration and the angry Left still hasn’t take a day off from protesting. At this rate, Americans will be so sick and tired of Democrat obstructionism by the next election cycle they will be more than happy to send even more of them packing.

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