(NationalSentinel) Over the weekend the perpetually angry Left, bought and paid for by billionaire Leftist George Soros, erupted in cities and airports all over the country because President Donald J. Trump dared to fulfill a campaign promise of protecting the country.

His executive order banning individuals from terrorist-sponsoring or terrorist-harboring countries was meant not as an “anti-Muslim ban” but as a way to shore up national security. And yet, the angry Left is too full of hate and venom to see that.

It’s becoming quite plain that we’re a nation bitterly divided. What’s also plain is that Leftists, and not conservatives, are responsible for most of our division. They are the ones who have destroyed city blocks; they are the ones who riot; they are the ones clinging to the belief that President Donald J. Trump is not a legitimate president; they are the ones pledging perpetual unrest and protesting.

If somehow, someway, we don’t find some peacemakers, as Michael Snyder notes, then at some point this will get out of hand. Cities will burn. Americans will die. And worst of all, those who seek our destruction-like George Soroswill win.

What will it take to get the angry Left to stop being so angry? It will take giving in, nothing less.

It will take surrendering our sovereignty to a borderless existence. It will take continuing to allow our economy and our workers to be abused by globalists. It will take giving up more and more of our constitutional freedoms. It will take sacrificing our integrity, beliefs and our principles at the altar of political correctness.

There is a war on for our future. American patriots can simply roll over and let the angry Left have its way. Or we can continue to stand up for the republic, as it was founded, because that’s the right thing to do.

There is one way to avoid a seething situation that will eventually turn violent, and that is to simply divide the country up; let states leave that want to leave, and allow the rest to form a new united states. Because honestly, when our nation was at a similar point in its history, we began killing each other.

In the nuclear age, we cannot afford that; a predatory China or Russia would take advantage of our domestic turmoil. The world needs a stable and benevolent America, even if she’s divvied up into smaller factions.

The best possible outcome is a peaceful divorce from the angry Left. Let them have a country of their own to govern (with the understanding, of course, that once they leave, they’re out for good). Because that is much better than fighting in the streets and destroying our country one city at a time, like what has happened in Syria.

It’s clear the angry Left does not want to be a part of America as it was founded any longer.   We should let them go.

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