(NationalSentinel) When Democrats win, they claim a “mandate to govern.” When Republicans win, they find some excuse to claim that the GOP really doesn’t have a mandate but rather just a temporary hold on power.

That’s why Democrats-let’s call it the Angry Party-are so bent on doing to President Donald J. Trump and ruling Republicans all over the country what they never tolerated from conservatives during President Obama’s eight years: Play the party of ceaseless opposition.

In fact, as noted by the Pew Center, though Democrats are in the minority in most of the country, they are still going to do everything they can to disrupt, disregard and delegitimize:

With the federal government and most states controlled by conservative Republicans this year, Democrats are looking to Democratic cities and counties to stand up for progressive policy. 

But they may want to temper their expectations. State lawmakers have blocked city action on a range of economic, environmental and human rights issues, including liberal priorities such as minimum wage increases, in recent years. And the stage looks set for more confrontation between cities and states this year. 

Already, state lawmakers in Texas and Arkansas are weighing bills that would ban cities from declaring themselves “sanctuaries” and withholding cooperation with federal immigration officials.

Lawmakers in Kentucky, Virginia and six other states are considering preventing localities from allowing transgender people to use some restrooms that match their gender identity. In Montana, one lawmaker wants to prevent local governments from banning texting while driving.

Then there are even more serious undercurrents already simmering. California lawmakers have got it in their heads they have some inherent right to withhold federal tax contributions just because they disagree with Trump’s efforts to enforce immigration law. If that isn’t bad enough, there is an effort to mainstream ‘Calexit,’ a movement to secede from the Union (though when Texans considered it during Obama’s tenure, Democrats laughed it off).

While Republicans and conservatives were expected to shut up and accept it when Obama was elected, angry Left-wing Democrats now hypocritically insist that Trump is a president they have to accept, and by golly, they’re not going to.

It’s become clear to any thinking person that the Left is making our country ungovernable, not the Right.

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