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Sore loser: Hillary Clinton urging supporters to ‘keep up the momentum’

So much for the angry Left pushing for unity

(NationalSecurity) Here’s more proof that when an angry Left-wing Democrat calls for “unity” and “peace,” it’s only after they’ve won the office they seek. Otherwise, it’s game on for keeping the country stirred up and the American people dangerously divided.

Obviously still smarting from her electoral whipping by President Donald J. Trump, two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton had a message for woman and others who tossed decorum and the civil society to the wind on Saturday, less than 24 hours after Trump was inaugurated, to stage a “protest march for peace.”

“On Saturday, we watched women and men across this country and the globe stand up, speak out, and peacefully march for those values with one voice,” Clinton said on Wednesday. “It was awe-inspiring. We have to keep up the momentum.”

“We are still, and will always be, stronger together,” Clinton finished, stating her campaign motto.

What she really means is that the angry Left is ‘stronger’ when it’s ‘together.’ There have been zero indications thus far that Democrats in Congress and in elected offices around the country (though they are dwindling in numbers) seek ‘unity’ and comity with the new president and his administration. So pretty much understand that there will be no peace, no unity and no ‘working together’ with the Trump administration or Republicans in Congress to “Make America Great Again.” It will all be on Trump and the GOP.

Clinton’s message coincides with that of the totality of the angry Left: Just a few days ago, Greenpeace ‘activists’ used a giant crane to unfurl a 70-foot banner in sight of the White House that said, “RESIST.”

“I can see the White House, where we now have a president who doesn’t have the interests of the majority of the people,” Pearl Robinson, 26, a participant in the ‘protest,’ told The Guardian. She called the message “all-encompassing. We want Donald to know that we won’t stand for the crony capitalism, for the assault on women’s reproductive rights and the assault on the environment.”

Now, imagine this was happening eight years ago…wait, you can’t? Of course you can’t; as disappointed as conservatives were to lose to a political neophyte who had a knack for talking, they didn’t protest in the streets in Washington the day after he was inaugurated or hang childish signs within site of his residence. Or vow to “keep up the momentum.”

It’s not that these sore losers should not have the right to peacefully assemble and protest. It’s just that nothing they are charging Trump with doing or being is valid. Take the crony capitalism charge; that describes President Obama’s administration to a ‘T’. And if anyone was hung up with race, it was Obama. Further, Trump has said nothing about “rolling back the rights of [fill in the aggrieved demographic/sex/faction here],” nor has he the authority to even do so. It’s just so irrational to believe the lies.

And it’s got to stop, frankly. The angry Left seems determined to rip apart our society in the name of saving it; they should be opposed at every turn and defeated, politically, so that eventually their movement just dies off.

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