(NationalSentinel) For years critics of President Barack Obama’s border security and immigration policies warned that lax enforcement in the age of terrorism was a major national security issue for the United States. Those critics were generally rebuffed by the Left and by the Obama administration.

Now, new data shows that indeed, scores of foreign fighters and potential terrorists attempted to get into the U.S. to wreak havoc and kill Americans. And while many were intercepted, it is obvious that several may have gotten into the country.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

The Department of Homeland Security stopped more than 22,000 “high-risk” travelers from entering the United States in 2015, but officials remain uncertain about how effective these security screening methods are, opening the possibility that risky individuals such as terrorists are still being approved for entry into America, according to a new government report highlighting these flaws.

More than 8,100 “known or suspected terrorists, or individuals with connections to known or suspected terrorists, attempted to apply for travel to the United States or board U.S.-bound flights” in 2015, according to the report, which chides U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for failing to determine how effective its current screening methods are.

The report, authored by the Government Accountability Office, details potential flaws in CBP’s pre-flight screening methods and recommends the agency make a greater effort to measure the effectiveness of its pre-departure investigative process.

“Recent events have highlighted the increased threat of one group of high-risk individuals, namely foreign fighters—individuals who leave home, travel abroad to terrorist safe havens, and join or assist violent extremist groups,” the report said. “In February 2016, the Director of National Intelligence reported that more than 36,500 foreign fighters—including more than 6,600 from Western countries—had traveled to Syria to train with, support, or join extremist groups, such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).”

President Donald J. Trump’s planned meeting next week with Mexican leaders has, for the time being, been canceled over disagreements regarding Trump’s insistence that Mexico pay for the border wall he authorized via executive order on Wednesday. That’s too bad for both countries because terrorists are a threat to both.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign pledges to bolster border security were not just empty promises. He’s getting on with it with or without the Mexican government’s cooperation because he obviously understand the threat is real and that critics of the prior administration’s politicized foreign policy and border security put all Americans at risk.

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